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Soft Tissue Treatments

Achieve Optimal Gum Tissue Health

Improving Health and Esthetics

Did you know that the health of your gum tissue can affect everything from the esthetic appearance of your smile to the stability of your teeth and overall physical health? Even an unsightly “gummy” smile can increase the risk for tooth decay beneath the gum tissue. And the chronic inflammation and infection from untreated gum disease can harm systemic health, with ties closely linked to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. We can help restore the health of your gums and improve your oral and physical health through our specialized periodontal treatments! In our state-of-the-art practices across South Carolina and North Georgia, we offer comprehensive services using advanced diagnostic and surgical technology. Taking from our vast experience in periodontics, we’ll focus on the functional health of your gum tissue first, but make sure our procedures provide esthetic improvements, too, to ensure treatment matches your smile goals. Let us take care of your periodontal concerns in one of our many convenient practice locations. Schedule your first consultation today!

Benefiting from Soft Tissue Treatments

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Custom Periodontal Services

Soft Tissue Recontouring
Balance an unattractive “gummy” smile with personalized soft tissue recontouring. We remove the extra gum tissue that hides the tooth crowns and create a more symmetrical look by reshaping the gums to naturally arch around each tooth.
Improve your child’s ability to eat, swallow, and speak properly. We reduce or remove the tissue (frenulum) that limits the tongue’s movement. We also improve smile esthetics by removing the frenulum separating the two front teeth.
Gum Grafting
Reverse unsightly gum recession and sensitive teeth. We take tissue from the roof of your mouth or a donor source and position it over the exposed tooth roots. Gum grafting restores the tooth roots' protective barrier and improves the esthetics of the smile.
Effectively treat moderate cases of gum disease. We surgically remove infected gum tissue, then clean the periodontal pockets before suturing the tissue back in place. A gingivectomy reduces the pocket depth around the teeth to improve gum health.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Optimize the healing of soft tissue and bone after gum disease treatment. We place a collagen membrane between the treated bone and gum tissue to ensure that each is healing properly without interference from the other.

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