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Our smiles are one of our most defining characteristics and can enhance our natural facial appearance. If your teeth are cosmetically imperfect—crooked, gapped, worn down, discolored, or missing—this can have a big effect on the appearance of your smile and your confidence! Our experienced cosmetic dentistry team is here to help with personalized smile makeover treatment. With advanced training in cosmetic procedures, our dentists are skilled in both the technical and artistic aspects needed to restore smiles to optimal function, beauty, and health. Whether your smile needs a simple whitening or multiple treatments to restore naturally attractive teeth, we have the expertise and technology to provide comfortable, predictable treatment. Together, we can build your dream smile, one that naturally and esthetically complements your face and character—and has you feeling confident and attractive for years to come!

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Predicting Your Future Smile

Feeling confident in your smile begins with teeth that look natural and attractive on you. Using technology like Digital Smile Design, we can digitally design new teeth that are unique to your own facial features and smile. This gives you much more control over how you want your ideal smile to look and lets us provide you with a digital smile simulation you can see before treatment begins! We want you to be completely happy in your new smile and though we’ll offer the expertise of trained clinicians, we encourage you to actively participate in this process. Through a deeper understanding of your personal smile goals and predicting your future smile with technology, we are better able to choose treatments and create a personalized plan that streamlines the process while providing the best possible results.

Expect Beautiful, Long-Lasting Results

We’re experienced in all the cosmetic dentistry services we offer, but more so, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. At Bela Family Dentistry, you can expect to get beautiful, long-lasting results after completing smile makeover treatment. It’s our goal to help you achieve straight, white teeth, a naturally proportioned gum line, and an attractive smile free from cosmetic or functional problems. You can have the smile you’ve always dreamed about!

Don’t let problem teeth affect your confidence!

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