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Single Missing Tooth

The Lasting Solution for a Single Missing Tooth

Make Dental Implants Your First Choice

You have many options to replace a single missing tooth, but none come close to the lasting function and esthetics of a permanent dental implant. Designed to replace an entire tooth (from root to crown), a dental implant won’t harm adjacent healthy teeth like a dental bridge will and won’t be uncomfortable or removable like a partial denture. If you want the closest thing to a natural tooth, make a dental implant your first choice!

Our general dentists have received years of additional training in dental surgeries and employ some of implant dentistry’s most advanced technologies when planning your treatment. Especially if your single missing tooth is visible when you smile, we’ll take great care that the results of your treatment provide optimal esthetics as well as function.

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Optimize Health, Function, and Esthetics

What makes a dental implant so advanced in terms of its look, feel, and function? A dental implant is made up of three distinct parts: the dental implant post (tooth root) the dental crown (visible tooth) and the piece that connects these two together (the abutment). By their design alone, dental implants are made to function like a natural healthy tooth. Long-term, a dental implant can withstand the force of daily biting and chewing, while remaining visibly attractive and resistant to staining or decay. It will support adjacent teeth without harming their structure and keep your jawbone healthy, too. For such long-term benefits, getting a dental implant needs the expertise of a dentist skilled in implant surgery and restorative treatment. We’ve broken down the treatment steps you can expect from our own experienced dentists, as well as dental implant cost, below. We encourage you to read through this process, then contact us to schedule your first consultation!

Our Dental Implant Process

Phase 1 – Consultation and Treatment Planning

Your initial phase of treatment involves first getting to know you! We’re passionate about building relationships with our patients and believe that these more personal interactions give us the opportunity to provide more custom treatments for you. During your consultation, we want to learn about your situation, your concerns about treatment, what you dislike about your missing tooth, and your vision of what a beautiful smile looks like. We use this information along with what we gather from a comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics to prepare a personalized treatment plan just for you, including custom sedation, if needed. No two patients are the same and neither are our treatments!

Phase 2 – Dental Implant Surgery

The surgical phase of your treatment may include preliminary procedures, in addition to the actual placement of your dental implant. If you have had a single missing tooth for some time, the bone at the site may be too narrow to support the implant post. We can often complete bone grafting in conjunction with your implant placement to streamline your overall treatment process. With this level of care from our skilled team and custom sedation, your surgery will be efficient and comfortable as you relax in our state-of-the-art treatment suite. Once surgery is complete, you’ll be able to return home and many patients find that over-the-counter pain medication is all that’s needed to ease post-operative discomfort and swelling.

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Phase 3 – Healing and Restoration

Your body requires between 4-6 months to fully integrate with the new dental implant post. During this time, your jawbone will fuse to the implant, securing it in place and giving it the stability comparable to your other natural teeth. Depending on the primary stability of your implant right after surgery, you may be able to receive a temporary dental crown, but if not, a healing cap is placed over the implant that will remain while you recover. When your mouth is fully healed, you’ll return to our office to receive your final restoration. Perfectly crafted in our in-house milling machine, this dental crown will look completely natural and be as durable as your existing teeth. Once in place, no one will be able to distinguish your dental implant from your natural teeth!

A New Smile, No Matter Your Budget

Dental implant treatment at Bela Family Dentistry is a streamlined process that can transition you from a single missing tooth to smiling confidently in just a few months! But you may be concerned about how much a dental implant costs. You’re not alone! We always remind our patients that if they’re looking for the closest thing to natural teeth, dental implants are the only permanent solution and worth their initially higher price tag because of how long they last. We’ll help ensure that your new dental implant fits within your budget and offer CareCredit third-party financing. While we don’t partner with any dental insurance carriers, we’ll help you maximize any benefits you may have through your provider. No matter your financial situation, we’re here to help you receive a new tooth that improves your confidence, health, and life!

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