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Ensuring your child’s dental health is top-notch is a huge focus for us as Bela Family Dentistry. As parents ourselves, we know the importance of teaching children good oral hygiene habits and helping them feel comfortable at their dental appointments from an early age. We’re here to provide superior pediatric dentistry services in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. In any of our multiple office locations, you can expect to find this exceptional level of service and gentle care from a team of compassionate dentists. We believe that building lasting relationships with our patients—no matter their age—is the key to helping you and your child feel comfortable with us. We provide gentle evaluations and treatment, personalizing our care to meet the unique needs of your child. Most importantly, we make your child’s dental appointment fun and engaging, giving them great dental experiences from day one!

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What to Expect at Bela Family Dentistry

Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentistry Visit

Our first priority is to establish comfort and trust with your child, no matter how old they are. We do this by creating a fun and positive atmosphere that doesn’t feel scary or intimidating. Many of our dentists and staff have children of their own and are equipped to handle the characteristics and personalities of children. We’ll provide a thorough oral examination and if teeth are present, gently clean them before applying sealants or fluoride treatment. With this preventive approach, we can catch decay or issues with growth or development of their jaws, gums, and teeth and provide personalized treatment before problems become serious. Whenever your child returns for a routine appointment, we’ll continue to monitor their oral health and growth. We recommend that you schedule your child’s first pediatric dentistry appointment when they turn one, or when their baby teeth first start appearing. But no matter your child’s age, establishing a good dental home with us is the best way to ensure their oral health stays on track as they grow!

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