Transparent, Removable Orthodontic Solutions

Look Good While Straightening Your Teeth

Gone are the days when your only orthodontic option was unsightly bracket-and-wire braces made entirely of metal! Now, with our discreet and removable orthodontic solutions, you can maintain an active and social life while you straighten your teeth. We offer Invisalign® and ClearCorrect clear aligner orthodontics and Six Month Smiles® transparent braces at all our practice locations, giving you convenient and affordable options to choose from, no matter where you live. At Bela Family Dentistry, our skilled dentists will listen to your smile goals, then tailor your orthodontic treatment to match your lifestyle. Expect a stunning result and new smile you’ll be thrilled to show off!

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Clear Advantages of Discreet Orthodontics

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Why Straighten Your Teeth?

Your new smile will certainly improve the look of your teeth and overall facial appearance, which gives your confidence a healthy boost. But straightening teeth has functional advantages as well! Many problems, such as TMJ disorder, cavities, or gum disease, can be directly attributed to crooked teeth. Moving teeth into a more harmonious position in your jaw improves jaw function, while aligned teeth make it easier to thoroughly brush and floss. Straight teeth also make it easier to bite and chew, so you can enjoy comfortably eating a wider and healthier variety of foods. Choose one of the following orthodontic options below and start your journey toward better oral function and overall health today!

Our Orthodontic Solutions

You’ve most likely heard of Invisalign, the alternative to conventional braces that uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth. Many patients opt for this solution because of its discreet nature and the removability of the aligners. While we recommend you wear your aligners between 20-22 hours each day, you can remove them to eat, brush, and floss. No hindering your lifestyle with this option!
ClearCorrect is known for being the affordable alternative to Invisalign made from a thinner, clearer material. With much of the same benefits, ClearCorrect is made up of multiple clear aligners worn for at least 20 hours each day. Like Invisalign, you’ll remove these aligners whenever you eat and to brush and floss.
Six Month Smiles
Six Month Smiles is the discreet, more esthetic alternative to metal braces. As the name implies, many patients who choose this solution average a 6-month treatment length. Six Month Smiles still uses brackets and wires, but with materials that are transparent and tooth-colored. For patients concerned they may lose or forget to wear clear aligners, this is a great option that provides the same results!

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