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With multiple locations across South Carolina and a central mission guiding all our general dentists and staff, we’re proud to lead the way in family-focused and affordable dentistry for patients of all ages! You can find all your comprehensive dentistry services with us, from routine teeth cleanings to personalized cosmetic services and full mouth dental implants. We’ll make you feel right at home in our welcoming and comfortable offices, where you’ll meet each member of the team and even get an office tour! Your oral health and satisfaction in your smile are our top priorities, so we’re passionate about getting to know you on a personal level and what about your teeth you’d like improved. It’s ok if you haven’t been to a dentist in many years; we can get your health back on track with our personalized treatments. We welcome you to visit one of our many convenient locations and become officially established as our patient at Bela Family Dentistry

Our Comprehensive Dental Services

Dental Exams
Keep your mouth free from pain, decay, or disease with our comprehensive dental exams including oral cancer screening. We’ll check for abnormalities in the soft tissues, cavities, and signs of teeth grinding and clenching.
Maintain healthy, strong teeth and stave off disease and cavities with twice-yearly dental cleanings. We’ll remove the plaque and polish your teeth as well as check the pocket depths of your gums.
Strengthen teeth against cavities with fluoride treatment at every dental cleaning. We’ll apply fluoride directly to your teeth where it absorbs into the enamel, remineralizing the tooth surface and making them stronger.
Protect baby and adult teeth from decay with dental sealants. We’ll cover the chewing surfaces of teeth with a plastic coating that keeps acids, bacteria and plaque from collecting in the deep grooves of the teeth.
Restorative Dentistry
Whether you have a small crack or a large break in a tooth or even a completely missing tooth, we offer restorative treatments to restore the integrity and health of your smile. Created with a functional and cosmetic eye we offer bonding, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants in each of our office locations.
TMJ Treatment
Minimize or eliminate the discomfort associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. We’ll diagnose the root cause of your pain, then provide tailored treatment with custom mouthguards or orthodontics to relieve symptoms.
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Get better sleep and reduce your risk for physical health issues like heart disease or diabetes. After an official diagnosis, we’ll use custom mouthguards to treat sleep apnea using the six-step treatment protocol from Spear® Education.

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