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Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Watch Ryan’s Story

Solutions for All Your Missing Teeth

Without a full mouth of functional teeth, even the most basic daily activities like chewing food or smiling can be painful and embarrassing. You may be wondering if you’ll ever be able to live a life of comfort and confidence again. At Bela Family Dentistry, we believe you can! Our team of trained and experienced general dentists offers three different ways to replace all your missing teeth, each with their own functions and advantages—dentures, implant supported dentures, and full arch dental implants. Through our highly personalized treatment process, we’ll help you discover which solution fits your situation and budget best and provide all services conveniently in one of our many office locations. From start to finish, your full mouth restorative treatment will focus on YOU—your comfort, smile goals, concerns, and oral health needs. You don’t have to continue living a life characterized by the pain, discouragement, or anxiety of decayed and missing teeth. We’re here to transition you from your current state to one of complete function, health, and confidence! Learn about the solutions we offer here, then contact the office nearest you to schedule your first consultation.

The Choice Is Yours

You’re free to choose between three proven solutions for replacing all your missing teeth: removable dentures, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants. Dentures are the time-tested option that provides the quickest and most cost-effective return to a full set of teeth. Whether or not you currently wear dentures, you’re most likely aware they don’t provide much function and are prone to becoming loose and even falling out at times. Implant supported dentures are the next step up in terms of your ability to bite and chew foods comfortably. Secured to your mouth with dental implants, this option provides good function and looks natural. Full mouth dental implants are the closest solution to having a full set of healthy natural teeth. Not only do they look stunning, but they’re permanently secured to your jawbone with dental implants. They bring back nearly 100 percent of biting and chewing power, won’t wear down your gum tissue or bone, and are permanently fixed in place for long-term improvements in your health, function, and natural smile esthetics! Truly a life-changing solution, we recommend full arch dental implants for patients who want strong, stable teeth that will last many years into the future. Below, we’ve outlined the process for receiving this amazing solution.

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Three Steps to a New Smile

First Step: Consultation
One of the most important parts of your treatment is your consultation. During this appointment, we’ll learn about your current situation, what you want from your restorative treatment, and any concerns you have about surgery. This is your chance to tell us your smile goals. We’ll gather information about your dental and medical history as well to ensure our treatment meets your oral health needs in the safest way possible. This appointment may also include a CBCT scan to assess the health of your bone and to plan the surgical phase of your treatment. Full mouth dental implants require precise planning from experienced dentists like ours to ensure your surgery is successful. Combining our diagnostics and your smile goals, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan just for you, then schedule your surgical visit.
Second Step: Surgery
You’ll most likely be receiving between 4-8 dental implants in a single arch. Don’t be alarmed by this number as it ensures your new set of teeth are properly stabilized and function properly for many years. We’ll place all these dental implants during a single surgical appointment using minimally invasive techniques. If you need bone grafting, we can often complete this during the same appointment. During your procedure, we’ll ensure you are comfortable, relaxed, and free from any pain with our custom sedation options. Once the dental implants are in place, we’ll check their primary stability. In most cases, if the stability of your implants is sufficient, we’ll be able to immediately attach a set of new teeth. While this won’t be your final prosthesis, it will be strong and durable, allowing you to bite and chew foods like normal. Each surgery and patient present a unique case, so we won’t be able to determine if you’re a candidate for immediate load implants until your day of surgery. However, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you leave our office with a new set of teeth on the day of surgery! By following the TeethXpress® treatment protocol from BioHorizons, we can provide this immediate solution to virtually all our full mouth dental implants patients.
Third Step: Restoration
You’ll be in recovery mode for up to six months after your surgery, during which time you’ll return to our office for follow-up care. When your implants are fully healed and integrated into your jawbone, we’ll replace your temporary prosthesis with your new, permanent set of teeth. This bridge of teeth will look and feel completely natural and will be custom-made for you from high-quality and durable materials. When permanently fixed to your dental implants, they’ll provide a level of function comparable to natural teeth. Many patients are impressed and thrilled about how amazing their new teeth look and feel!
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Affordable, No Matter the Solution

Not surprisingly, the cost of full mouth restorations varies as much as the benefits each solution provides. Dentures, though the low-cost option, won’t provide the permanent functional and health benefits of full arch dental implants, which fall on the costlier side. We want you to choose the option that best fits your personal health, function, and esthetic needs, so we’ll work with you to ensure whichever solution you choose fits within your budget. We will file claims to your insurance company on your behalf and offer CareCredit third-party financing so you can opt for low monthly payments with no-interest options for a select number of months. We’ll help you determine the best way to pay for your treatment to ensure you receive a beautiful, functional new smile!

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