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You May Need Endodontic Treatment

If you’ve been living with the kind of symptoms noted above, your tooth may have an internal problem. When this is the case, a root canal can treat this infection and ultimately save your tooth. Root canals become the best solution if damage or decay of the pulp or nerve within your tooth cannot be treated with more conservative measures. The good news is that root canals prevent the need for a full tooth removal! We know that the thought of needing a root canal can cause anxiety, so we’re all about comfort with your endodontic surgery. We offer custom sedation at all our practice locations and help you feel relaxed in our treatment suites before we ever begin your procedure. Our dentists are skilled in endodontic treatment and are experienced in restoring teeth with root canals. Using our expertise and in-house dental milling machines, we can treat your tooth pain and restore strength to your tooth with a custom dental crown—all in one comfortable appointment.

The Steps of a Root Canal Procedure

Our root canals first begin by ensuring your comfort. We’ll fully numb the treatment site and administer sedation as needed. Next, we remove the top portion of your infected tooth to gain access to the pulp chambers. This is where the infected pulp and nerves are located, and we clear out these canals thoroughly to eliminate the infection. Finally, we fill the inside of the tooth with a hardening material that acts as a reinforcement. Many of our patients report that their root canal treatment was similar in comfort level to getting a filling! With your tooth free from infection, we then custom make a dental crown to cap the tooth and ensure its long-term strength and durability. We complete this process in-house while you wait in the dentist’s chair. You’ll leave your appointment with a fully restored tooth that is officially free from any pain!

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Infected tooth and abcess

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Root filling replaced

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Permanent filling or crown placed

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