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Soft Tissue Treatments - Lexington, SC

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Healthier, More Attractive Gums

Are you aware that your gum tissue health can affect everything from the esthetic qualities of your smile and the stability of your teeth to your overall medical health? Even an unbalanced “gummy” smile can raise your risk of developing tooth decay underneath your gum tissue. The persistent inflammation and infection connected with untreated gum disease can compromise your systemic health, having been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke in scientific studies. We can restore your gums to full health and protect your oral and physical health with our specialized periodontal treatments! We offer comprehensive services including gum grafting and gingivectomies in Lexington, SC, incorporating advanced diagnostic and surgical technology. Drawing from our extensive experience in periodontics, we’ll prioritize the functional health of your gum tissue, but also ensure our services provide the esthetic enhancements that will make your smile goals a reality. Count on us to best address your periodontal concerns—schedule your initial consultation at Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll today!

The Benefits of Soft Tissue Treatments

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Select Periodontal Services

Soft Tissue Recontouring
Balance out an unwanted “gummy” smile with customized soft tissue recontouring. We trim off the excess gum tissue that hides your teeth and reshape the gums around each affected tooth to establish a more balanced appearance.
Whether at a young age or as an adult, we offer frenectomies to help patients eat, swallow, and speak without restrictions. We can shorten or excise the tissue (frenulum) that limits the tongue’s movement. We’ll also improve smile esthetics by removing the frenulum separating the two front teeth in the upper arch.
Gum Grafting
Reverse unattractive and unhealthy gum recession and increased tooth sensitivity. We take a small portion of tissue from your own soft palate or from a donor source and attach it where the gum tissue has receded. Gum grafting replaces your tooth roots’ protective barrier after recession and improves the look of your smile as well.
Successfully treat mild cases of gum disease. We surgically remove diseased gum tissue, then sanitize the periodontal pockets before suturing the remaining tissue back into place. A gingivectomy decreases the pocket depth around your teeth to improve your gum health.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Facilitate the healing of soft tissue and bone after you’ve undergone gum disease treatment. We position a natural membrane between the bone and gum tissue in the treatment area to allow each to heal properly without interfering with the other.

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