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A remarkable smile has several qualities. A full set of teeth is an important one. Those teeth being healthy, shiny, and straight is another key trait. The angle and position of your teeth are as much a part of your smile’s beauty as any other aspect. Orthodontics has developed multiple solutions to crooked teeth. Traditional metal braces are certainly proven to move teeth back into their correct and upright position. The drawback is that while you’re wearing metal braces on your teeth, the wires and brackets can overshadow your smile, produce temporary speech impediments, and make you feel awkward in your social interactions. It also takes strong discipline to keep them clean. We’re here to tell you that your teeth can be straight again, and you don’t have to deal with all those troubles. At Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll, our distinguished team is making this possible for our patients every day using clear orthodontic appliances. We offer multiple options for orthodontics in Lexington, SC, and every one of them can provide you with the same discreet treatment and impressive results!

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Subtle Teeth Straightening

Visit our Lexington, SC office for a personalized orthodontics consultation so we can explain the advantages of these solutions and help you choose the right one:

The Invisalign name has become synonymous with discreet teeth straightening. It supplies all the benefits of conventional braces—straight teeth and a more comfortable bite—without the obtrusive metal components. We provide you with a customized series of durable plastic Invisalign aligners that shift your teeth into an ideal position in stages. Made specifically to fit your teeth, these aligners provide a dependable, snug fit. You keep them over your teeth approximately 22 hours each day, leaving them in for most activities except cleaning and eating.
An equally effective invisible orthodontics option, ClearCorrect works in a similar manner to Invisalign, using clear plastic aligners that you wear most of the day to achieve the same spectacular results. ClearCorrect is made in America from a thinner material than similar products and is generally considered to be an economical alternative to some brands.
Six Month Smiles®
While it’s common for clear aligner treatments to last as long as a year, you may want straighter teeth sooner, especially if you have an important event in the coming months, such as a family member’s wedding or a class reunion. We can make your teeth straight before you smile for those inevitable group photos. With a design based on traditional braces, Six Month Smiles can produce amazing results in about half the time of other methods. Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that make the treatment process virtually invisible!

The Advantages of Transparent Braces

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Straighter teeth? Our results are clear to be seen!

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