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Gum Disease Treatments - Lexington, SC

Gum Disease Can Harm More Than Your Smile

The Dangers of Untreated Gum Disease

Your mouth plays a major role not just in your dental health but in the health of your whole body. If you suffer from inflammatory conditions such as gum disease in Lexington, SC, the bacteria that are the source of the infection can spread throughout your body and can even permanently damage your gums and bone. Left unchecked, this chronic inflammation and infection can lead to other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and has even been linked to pregnancy complications. As the primary cause of tooth loss, gum disease can trigger significant problems with your oral health and is hazardous to your systemic health as well. Given these facts, it’s critical to stay on top of gum disease with routine visits to our Lexington, SC office. If you already have symptoms, we urge you to schedule a personalized appointment without delay! We’ll help you fight this chronic disease and restore your dental health with tailored gum disease treatments.

Gum Disease Symptoms

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Preserve the Protective Barrier of Your Teeth

Your gums and bone must stay healthy in order to reliably support your teeth. When gum disease-causing bacteria begin to destroy these tissues, it’s important that you seek treatment to protect the foundations of your teeth! At Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll, we provide surgery-free gum disease therapy that eradicates the bacteria on the gums through a regimen of cleanings, antibiotics, and dental scaling. We use ultrasonic scalers which vibrate at a rapid rate to efficiently clean your teeth below the gumline. Often this treatment is all you need to restore your oral health. In more advanced cases of gum disease in the Lexington area, we may need to perform surgery to remove diseased tissues and clear bacteria from the periodontal pockets and teeth. During your appointment, we’ll determine your stage of gum disease so that we can customize treatment for you that will be effective and long-lasting.

Personalized Periodontal Services

Scaling and Root Planing
The first non-surgical step toward treating gum disease is the most important one, since it takes place before the disease has reached an advanced state. We first remove any plaque that has accumulated on teeth below the gumline (scaling), then smooth down the tooth roots (planing) to let healthy gum tissue reattach to the teeth and prevent bacteria from returning.
Osseous Surgery
Manage your advanced gum disease with this interventional surgery. We excise the diseased gum tissue, reshape or restore damaged bone, and rid the teeth and periodontal pockets of bacteria-releasing plaque buildup.
Periodontal Maintenance
Keep your gum tissue healthy after comprehensive gum disease treatment. We’ll have you back every three or four months to perform a deep cleaning to clear the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, including between the pockets.

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