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Watch Ryan’s Story

Few Healthy Teeth Left?

Having no teeth or only a few healthy teeth left may make even the most basic pleasures of life—meals, conversations, laughter, and smiles—seem beyond your reach. You may have already even been fitted with dentures but found that they don’t provide the dependability you need. Whatever the case, you’re not enjoying life the way you ought to. Let us reassure you that satisfying meals and other daily activities that require healthy teeth are not behind you for good. The team at Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll has extensive training and experience in transforming incomplete smiles into healthy, happy ones—often in just one day! We offer full mouth dental implants in Lexington, SC, with options that can match both your smile goals and your budget. Your new teeth will boost your quality of life and your self-confidence. We invite you to read more about full mouth dental implants below, then request a consultation with us at our Lexington, SC office. We’re ready to introduce you to your newly restored smile!

Complete Tooth Replacement Options

Although preferred by dentists and patients, full mouth dental implants aren’t your only option. Traditional dentures can restore some of the function of natural teeth and are a cost-effective option for many patients. They may occasionally slip out of place while you’re eating or having a conversation, even when using adhesives. Implant supported dentures provide a greater degree of stability. As a dental implant solution, they’re firmly and permanently anchored in your jaw with sturdy posts. These not only provide dependable performance, they also help protect your jawbone by acting as tooth roots. They stimulate the jawbone through chewing and biting, just as natural, healthy tooth roots do. The lasting solution to massive tooth loss is full mouth dental implants. These are virtually indistinguishable from a full set of actual teeth; only you and your dentist will know. We provide all of these replacement teeth options and encourage you to request a personalized consultation about them today!

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The Full Mouth Dental Implants Process

Consultation and Exam
The consultation is your opportunity to share your smile goals and your concerns with our team. We’ll quickly put any worries you have about treatment to rest, including what the best treatment plan is for you and how we can make your treatment fit within your means. We’ll take your dental and medical histories and scan your mouth using our own cone beam CT equipment, which delivers detailed 3D images of your teeth and bones with only a fraction of the radiation output of conventional x-ray equipment. Armed with all of this information, we will develop a treatment plan for your full mouth dental implants that achieves your goals and surpasses your expectations!
Preparation and Implant Placement
Part of your initial consultation will be to determine if there are any procedures you need to undergo before you can receive dental implants. Examples include tooth extractions to move any remaining decayed teeth out of the way and bone grafting, which rebuilds your jawbone mass and strength after bone recession. Whenever possible, we perform these during the same visit as dental implant placement to ensure your treatment time is efficient. We start the placement process by administering one of our sedation options to make you comfortable. We offer a variety of sedation types to accommodate varying treatments and anxiety levels. Once you’re sedated, we surgically place between four to eight implant posts in each of your arches. We use the smallest number of implants necessary for a safe and successful procedure and a reliable, lasting fit. The entire process typically takes only a few hours to complete. Thanks to temporary bridges, you can normally leave our office after the procedure with a complete set of teeth—at last!
Restoration and Renewal
Healing after full mouth dental implant surgery may last up to six months. During that period, your implant posts will integrate fully with your jawbone, strengthening it and stabilizing it enough to support the bridge which holds your dental crowns. You’ll probably experience very little pain during this time. After we verify your full recovery, we’ll have you return so we can switch out your temporary bridge with your permanent one. Your final bridge is custom-made to fit your mouth; our patients never have to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. After a few small adjustments, if needed, we’ll see you off with a complete, natural-looking, healthy smile. Your life will be transformed for the better!
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Flexible Payment Options

The price of full mouth dental implants depends in part on the selection of materials—we only place quality brands—sedation options, and any prerequisite treatments. The cost of forgoing dental implants can be higher than their actual price when you consider that they enable you to eat, speak, and smile without pain, worry, or embarrassment. While they are higher in price than traditional dentures or implant supported dentures, they’re also made to last up to a lifetime with proper care and are easily the most realistic and adaptable teeth replacement option available in dentistry today. 

Reserve your consultation timeslot so that we can tell you exactly what full mouth dental implants can do for your life. During our discussion, we’ll also review pricing and show you how we can make your new smile affordable. We partner with third-party financing companies that can divide your cost into consistent, manageable monthly payments. We’ll do whatever we can to help make a healthy, complete, and dazzling smile, along with greater self-confidence, and a more fulfilling and satisfying life a reality for you. If you’re ready to experience that, contact us today!

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