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Root Canals End Your Discomfort

Severe pain at the core of a tooth can have a few causes. There may be a cavity, in which case you’ll probably need a filling. Another possibility is that you have an infection that has ruptured your tooth enamel and reached the pulp chamber, where living tissues such as the nerves that give your tooth sensation and blood vessels are found. Once a pulp chamber becomes infected, a filling is not enough to repair the damage and ease your pain. Nor does that mean that extraction is the solution. The team here at Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll is highly trained to offer endodontics in Lexington, SC, and can effectively treat your infected tooth, eliminating your discomfort through root canal therapy instead of pulling the tooth. We’ll make sure that your tooth is strong and healthy after treatment, too.

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Warnings of Root Canal Infection

Please contact us immediately in our Lexington, SC office if you experience any of these symptoms:

Getting More Life out of a Dying or Dead Tooth

Cutting-edge imaging equipment empowers us to quickly confirm root canal issues. After we’ve done this, we’ll schedule you for a return appointment so that you can have your endodontic treatment in our Lexington office. As root canal issues can cause extreme pain, our first priority is to make you comfortable. We offer a full range of sedation options to make your treatment painless and stress-free. In addition to looking at your dental health issues in the sedation selection, our compassionate team also takes your dental anxiety level into account. Once you’re under sedation, we reach the infected pulp chamber by creating a small hole in the crown of the unhealthy tooth. Inside, we remove all the infected tissue, sanitize the chamber, then widen and restructure the root canals, the narrow channels inside the tooth roots that give the treatment its name. We then strengthen the tooth by placing a special dental material known as gutta-percha inside the root canals. We will typically follow this by placing a new crown atop the treated tooth to make it even stronger and able to provide reliable chewing and biting for years to come. For your convenience, we create the crown right here with our milling machine, which means you don’t have to wait weeks to have a strong tooth again, nor do you need to return for an additional appointment!

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Let us cure your tooth pain from the roots up!

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