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Replacement Teeth That Look and Feel Natural

Discomfort when eating. A diet limited to soft foods. A loss of self-confidence. Changes in your bite or distinctive facial appearance. These are all issues you might be dealing with if you’re missing several or all of your teeth. We can give you back all the function, beauty, and confidence you’re missing with personalized denture solutions that look and feel just like real teeth. With custom-fitted full or partial dentures, you can love your smile once again. Today’s dentures and partials are a vast improvement over older models! We’re skilled in providing modern solutions for dentures in Lexington, SC, using our talents to create new teeth that match your facial esthetics and are tailored to improve your biting and chewing functions. At Bela Family Dentistry of White Knoll, our aim is to give you removable teeth that others will think are completely natural!

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Why Dentures and Partials?

Replacement Teeth with Added Stability

If you’re considering dentures in Lexington, SC or are already wearing them, you may be a candidate for a more stable option. We offer implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants, both solutions for which we attach a denture or bridge of teeth onto dental implant posts that we’ve placed into your jawbone. Dental implants provide many unique benefits, including giving reliable, permanent support to your new teeth, providing healthy stimulation to your jawbone, and preserving your natural facial shape. When your teeth are anchored in your jaw, you’ll experience more natural function when biting and chewing compared to dentures and will gain confidence from knowing that they’re secure in your mouth. In fact, dentures or a bridge of teeth attached to implants don’t loosen or slip out! While traditional dentures will typically need to be readjusted, implant-based solutions don’t, so you can enjoy a fully functional, absolutely beautiful smile for decades to come. Let us help you determine which solution, whether fixed or removable, best matches your specific situation, your budget, and your smile goals during a consultation at our Lexington, SC office.

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