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Single Missing Tooth - Wagener, SC

Dental Implants Leave No Gaps

Don’t Let One Lost Tooth Spoil Your Smile

When you have even just a single missing tooth, that may mean you’re not getting to enjoy all of your favorite foods, conversations with friends, and carefree laughter. Placing a new, healthy tooth not only closes the gap, it restores your confidence and your enjoyment of life, and helps you prevent future complications. Your tooth roots help keep your jawbone healthy through the stimulation of chewing. With even one missing tooth, the underlying bone can atrophy and start to recede. Left unchecked, this decay can prompt additional tooth loss and cause your face to take on a sunken, prematurely aged look. The ideal way to replace a missing tooth is by placing a dental implant. Created to look and feel like a natural tooth, and built to last, dental implants in Wagener, SC take the place of the whole tooth from the roots to the crown. The Bela Family Dentistry team has broad experience in fixing smiles and changing lives with dental implants. Our results are on display on happy faces all throughout the Wagener, SC area!

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Can Everyone Have Dental Implants?

Many of our dental implant patients have had dental health issues or some kind of trauma that have left them without one or more teeth. If your situation is similar, there’s a strong chance that you’re a candidate for a dental implant. If your oral health is in good condition, we may be able to place an implant without needing to provide any other services beforehand. In some instances, we may have to conduct some procedures to prepare your mouth for a dental implant. These include tooth extraction if an unhealthy and irreparable tooth is still in place and bone grafting to reconstruct your jawbone if decay has rendered it unable to sustain an implant.

The Path to Your Restored Smile

A Personalized Consultation

While most of our patients do qualify for dental implants, no two implant cases are identical. Factors including the condition of your mouth, your distinct smile goals, and your concerns about treatment are specific to you. It’s our job to learn all of those and thoroughly address each during a personalized in-office consultation. This is the core of our ongoing commitment to building a sincere, enduring relationship with you and your family. We want you to be happy with your treatment and to return for your dental care for the rest of your life. To prepare for a successful dental implant procedure, we capture high-resolution 3D images of your mouth using our low-radiation cone beam CT equipment. These images enable us to fully assess the treatment area and subsequently formulate a customized treatment plan that aligns with your smile goals and your budget.

The Dental Implant Placement

During dental implant placement, we surgically insert a durable, screw-like implant post into your jawbone to replace your lost tooth root. Before that, though, we make you comfortable with custom sedation treatment. We aim to keep you as pain-free as possible throughout the process and offer multiple sedation options which together or individually offer the needed level of pain management. We use local anesthetic, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation in our treatment suites. With dental anxiety keeping many patients from seeking treatment, we offer IV sedation, which creates a sleeplike state throughout the procedure and leaves you with no memory of it. After providing sedation, we place your implant using products from companies such as BioHorizons®, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann®, which are U.S.-based manufacturers synonymous with top-quality implants. In many cases we are also able to fit you with a temporary crown during the same appointment, which means no more gap in your smile!

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Your Recovery and Restoration

You may have some minor discomfort for a few days after your implant placement. This is generally manageable with non-prescription medications though we can provide a prescription if needed. During healing, your implant post will fuse with the jawbone, progressively becoming a permanent part of your body. This may take a few months, but the process is crucial to establishing a stable bite and a successful overall implant procedure. After your full recovery you’ll return to our office to receive your customized final restoration put in. We give special attention to the look and feel of your new tooth, confirming that the size, shape, and shade of the new crown blends with your other teeth for a seamless smile.

An Economical Solution

Due to their unique advantages, dental implants are the most in-demand—and only permanent— option for tooth replacement today. They’re unmatched in terms of look and performance. Without them you can jeopardize your dental health, lose your quality of life, and end up paying more for subsequent treatments later. With them, you can avoid those added treatments and related costs. But how much is a dental implant? As we said above, no two implant patients are identical. While a small number of patients may be ready to pay for their new tooth in full, others may require more flexibility. To make a complete smile a reality for you once again, we can help arrange financing through a third-party financing company, which will enable you to split your cost into smaller monthly payments with competitive interest rates. Get all the details about financing and more with a personalized consultation!

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