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Is Bone Loss Affecting Your Smile?

Rebuild Your Jawbone

As the foundation of your teeth, a strong jawbone is crucial to a great smile. If decay or missing teeth compromise or harm your jawbone, it can alter your unique facial appearance and curb your enjoyment of eating, speaking, smiling, and just plain feeling good about yourself. With broad training in restorative dentistry, our accomplished dentists at Bela Family Dentistry are proficient in reconstructing jawbones with natural materials and specialized bone grafting in Wagener, SC. With full jawbone mass, you can become a candidate for dental implants and restore one or many teeth—and the health, function, and beauty of your smile—for good!

Bone Grafting

Convenient and Comprehensive Care

We’ll carry out your bone grafting procedure in a technology-equipped treatment room here at Bela Family Dentistry. For this, we use low-radiation 3D cone beam CT equipment, advanced surgical techniques, and other technology to deliver predictable, long-lasting results. Your comfort is also top priority here. We can provide multiple sedation options in our Wagener, SC office to maintain your safety and relaxation during the procedure. Your bone grafting treatment and all treatments related to dental implants can be completed here in one office, adding convenience to high-quality, efficient care!

Our Bone Grafting Services

Ridge Augmentation

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Tooth and bone loss in your jaw ridge can make the bone too slender and unstable to anchor a dental implant bridge. We can recreate the original contours and width of your entire ridgeline or provide localized treatment to repair a tooth socket after an extraction.

Sinus Lift

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Bone deterioration near the back of your upper arch, just below the sinus cavity, can result in a jawbone too thin to sustain an implant. We can insert bone material below this membrane to raise the sinus floor and reestablish the bone height below.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Gum tissue and bone tissue heal at different rates and when adjacent to one another can interfere with each other’s progress. To make the healing environment better for both, we insert a membrane between the two. This protective barrier allows the bone to regenerate itself independently of the faster-healing gum tissue.

Your jawbone need never let you down.

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