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Tooth Extraction - Newberry, SC

Removing a Rotten or Dead Tooth

When Extraction Is the Only Feasible Treatment

If you start to experience pain from a decayed tooth or an impacted wisdom tooth, our oral surgery services can eliminate your pain and restore your dental health. At Bela Family Dentistry, we’re exceptionally skilled in extracting regular adult teeth—done solely when no other course of treatment is sufficient—and impacted wisdom teeth with advanced diagnostics and minimally invasive dental tools. Expect nothing but the highest quality surgical care from our accomplished general dentists in sterile, contemporary treatment suites for tooth extractions in Newberry, SC. There, our compassionate team will help you feel calm and anxiety-free with the appropriate level of sedation for your procedure. With treatment tailored to your specific needs and smile goals, we’ll help you reclaim your oral health and pain-free days.

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Signs You May Need an Extraction

Oral Surgery Treatments

Tooth Extractions
We provide gentle extractions of an irreparably decayed or broken tooth. We’ll prevent bone loss in the empty socket by performing bone grafting after extraction, then discuss replacement options that can restore your dental health and beauty. Dental implants offer a long-lasting and lifelike replacement for an extracted tooth and can usually be placed during the same visit. Implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth and are made to last a lifetime!
Wisdom Tooth Removal
There’s no need to see an outside specialist for third molars that have become infected or died—we perform wisdom tooth extractions right here in the comfortable, relaxed setting of our office. We remove these teeth when they fail to erupt fully through the gums or, if possible, before you begin to have symptoms to avert damage to adjacent healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced after removal.

Aftercare for Extractions

After tooth extractions in Newberry, SC, you’ll heal faster and more smoothly by adhering to recognized aftercare guidelines. A tooth extraction results in an empty space, the tooth socket, in the bone previously occupied by the tooth roots. During your body’s natural healing process, a blood clot will form over an empty tooth socket. If a clot fails to form or does form but then comes loose, you will experience acute pain due to exposure of the nerves and bone. To prevent this complication, abstain from vigorous activities for a few days, avoid drinking anything from a straw, slowly rinse your mouth with warm saltwater, and keep your toothbrush away from the clot. If you begin to have dry socket symptoms, including severe pain at the extraction site that spreads to your eyes and forehead, a foul taste in your mouth or an obviously empty socket, contact our Newberry, SC office right away.

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