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At Bela Family Dentistry we have many patients who complain about having sore facial muscles, particularly in the morning. Many of these patients also have worn or even flat teeth that are related to bruxism—teeth grinding and clenching—during sleep. Many of them also suffer from jaw joint and facial muscle pain, in addition to migraines and radiating pain in their neck, shoulders, and back. If this sounds like you and you’ve had enough, some adjustments may elevate your quality of life significantly. You may need TMJ treatment in Newberry, SC! Comfortable, consistent oral functioning is dependent on your jaw joints, muscles, and teeth all functioning in harmony. When one of them develops problems, the others can follow suit. This is the reason so many people who grind their teeth also suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, a misalignment in the joints that connect your jaw to your skull and allow your mouth to move. We offer individualized treatments such as oral appliances, bite adjustments, and TMJ therapy with orthodontics to remedy bruxism and facial muscle pain. By reinstating the balance between your joints, muscles, and teeth we can usually give you full, natural, and comfortable oral functioning again!

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Adjustments and Appliances

Following examinations, diagnostics, and discussions with you here in our office, we’ll provide customized care involving one or more of the following and will provide lasting relief through TMJ treatment in Newberry, SC:

Bite Adjustment

If your top and bottom teeth don’t make contact correctly it can put a strain on your jaw joints and muscles and cause bruxism. We can often eliminate these symptoms by making just a few small modifications to the surfaces of some of your teeth. With correct occlusion restored, your facial muscles and joints will be able to relax and realign.

Oral Appliance

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With teeth grinding and TM joint misalignment, we can normally restore balance and comfort with the help of an oral appliance such as an acrylic guard. These stop you from clenching and grinding your teeth, reducing muscle strain and pain in your face. They also let your jaw and muscles loosen up and assume a more relaxed position.


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If severe tooth misalignment is the culprit behind your bruxism and TMJ pain, orthodontics solutions such as Invisalign® can restore harmony among your teeth, jaw joints, and muscles. Orthodontics can consistently put an end to TMJ pain and bruxism while at the same time enhancing your smile esthetics, dental function, and overall oral health.

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