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Teeth Whitening - Newberry, SC

Make Stained Teeth Sparkle Again

Professional Whitening Produces Stunning Results

If stained, dulled teeth have you regularly hiding your smile, it’s time we introduced you to the many advantages of professional-strength teeth whitening in Newberry, SC! These can brighten up your smile by several shades and keep them that way for a long time. We credit our success in teeth whitening to proven treatments from KöR® and Opalescence®. With these leading-edge treatments, we can transform your teeth into a consistent and eye-catching shade of white—sometimes in as little as one hour! We offer treatment here in our relaxed Newberry, SC office or can provide you with an at-home version for your convenience. Either way, the results of our teeth whitening treatments are sure to impress you!

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Store-Bought Treatments Pale by Comparison

Many of our patients wonder what the main differences are between retail teeth whitening treatments and the professional-grade whitening solutions we offer here at Bela Family Dentistry. The answer is “significant!” Over-the-counter whitening products don’t offer the same level of whitening power or lasting results. They may even be the source of gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity. Whitening strips and kits sometimes produce uneven or unnatural-looking results. Such products may also include chemicals that eat away at your tooth enamel, also increasing tooth sensitivity. If you’re ready for a change, schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Newberry, SC today! The benefits are obvious:

Flexible Teeth Whitening Options

Whether you have an important occasion coming up soon and prefer an hourlong whitening session or want to whiten your teeth on your own without any schedule limitations, your teeth will really shine after the treatments we provide. Both KöR and Opalescence treatments can be done anywhere. Even the at-home versions are made of high-quality ingredients and produce professional, lasting results. The only difference is convenience! No matter which option you go with, we’ll track your progress to ensure that you get the results you’re expecting!

Brighter teeth await you.

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