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Soft Tissue Treatments - Newberry, SC

Protect Your Gums to Protect Your Health

Soft Tissue Treatments Save More Than Your Gums

You may not know it, but the condition of your gums has implications beyond your oral health and facial esthetics. Chronic inflammation and infection connected with untreated gum disease can endanger your general health, with potential complications including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. We can restore your gums to a healthier state as well as preserve your overall oral and physical health with our proven periodontal therapies! We can provide a gingivectomy in Newberry, SC as part of a broad range of dental services that combine advanced diagnostic/surgical equipment and techniques and our own expertise. Applying our wide-ranging experience in periodontics, we’ll work to restore the functional health of your gums while also giving the esthetics the attention it needs. Schedule a consultation at Bela Family Dentistry and come see the exceptional results we can offer you!

Why Have Soft Tissue Treatment?

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Our Practice’s Featured Periodontal Services

Soft Tissue Recontouring
Transform an unwanted “gummy” smile through soft tissue recontouring. During this procedure, we trim excess gum tissue that’s covering your teeth and reshape the gums around the affected teeth to create a more desirable tooth-to-gum ratio.
Every child should have the freedom to eat, swallow, and speak naturally, but certain tissues (the frenula) in the mouth can prevent this for some children. To remedy this, we either shorten the problem tissue or, in some cases, remove it entirely. The frenula anchor the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the upper lip to the upper gums.
Gum Grafting
Gum recession can spoil your smile and make your teeth more sensitive. To correct these, we place a small piece of tissue from your soft palate or another source in the recessed gum area to rebuild your gums. Gum grafting restores the protective barrier around your teeth and enhances your smile.
We treat mild gum disease by surgically removing the unhealthy tissue, then clean the periodontal pockets before resealing the surrounding tissue with sutures. With a gingivectomy in Newberry, SC, we decrease the depth of the pockets around your teeth to advance your gum health.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Gums and bone heal at different rates, and when adjacent to one another, can interfere with each other’s recovery after a procedure. We use a natural membrane to isolate bone and gums to allow each to heal at its own pace.

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