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We fully understand that many children may not be too keen on the idea of dental visits, even if they’re not old enough to fully comprehend what it means. Unfamiliar people, sights, sounds, tastes, and smells can make children feel insecure in any context. These are all part of the initial dental experience. Our aim is to offer a different kind of pediatric dentistry in Newberry, SC. Though we’re strangers to your children at the start of our relationship, we seek to become as familiar and welcome to them as any family member or friend. The entire Bela Family Dentistry team is warm, compassionate, and sensitive to the special attention that children need to feel secure. We’ll introduce your family to our staff and take you on a tour of our facility to show that there’s really nothing to be afraid of here. By doing this we’ve been able to make dental appointments a source of enjoyment instead of anxiety for children of all ages—and establish lasting relationships with them. We’ve already helped countless kids from the Newberry, SC area jump on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles, and we’re honored for the opportunity to do the same for yours!

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Good Dental Health Begins at Home, Continues Here

That lifetime of healthy smiles starts at home, and at an early age. You are your children’s first source for pediatric dentistry in Newberry, SC! Following good nutrition guidelines play a key role in protecting their teeth. Minimize sugary foods and drinks in your children’s diets, while making sure they get plenty of calcium, which promotes strong, healthy teeth and bones. Establishing good daily dental hygiene habits is also crucial. That means brushing and flossing as directed by your dentist. We’re proud to provide complete dental hygiene instruction for you and your family here during office visits. You should bring your children to see us for all regular, scheduled checkups so that we can ensure their teeth are in the best condition for their age and are coming in correctly. Most children should begin routine dental visits as soon as they have teeth!

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