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Straight Teeth Will Make You Smile

A Distinct Alternative to Metal Braces

An outstanding smile has many elements. A healthy, full set of teeth is one. Uniformly bright teeth with no stains or discoloration is another. The position of the teeth is an equally important aspect if you want a flawless smile. Orthodontics in Newberry, SC provides the solution. There’s no question that traditional metal braces achieve good results in shifting teeth into their proper upright position. During treatment, however, the metal wires and brackets can obscure your teeth, give you a temporary lisp, and cause you embarrassment when interacting with others. What’s more, they require strong discipline to maintain. We want you to have straight teeth without experiencing any of those problems. At Bela Family Dentistry our highly skilled and trained team makes this a reality every day for our patients through clear orthodontic devices. 

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Discreet Teeth Straightening

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Another proven clear alternative for orthodontics in Newberry, SC, ClearCorrect works in a similar fashion to Invisalign—with clear plastic aligners you wear most of the day to achieve the same beautiful results. Where they differ is that they’re made in America from a thinner material and are a more economical choice for some patients.

See the Advantages of Clear Braces

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Crooked teeth are no match for clear orthodontics.

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