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Regain the Look and Function of Real Teeth

Discomfort during meals. A diet mostly limited to soft foods. Low self-esteem. An unnaturally aged look. If you’re missing even just one of your teeth, you may have to contend with some of these obstacles. Our team has the capability to give you back the quality of life you’ve lost with custom-made, removable denture solutions that look and function like real teeth. Full or partial dentures are no longer off-the-shelf appliances but are fitted to your mouth for optimal comfort and performance. Today’s dentures and partials may well surprise you! We use our expertise in dentures in Newberry, SC to craft new teeth for you that harmonize with your facial esthetics and restore your ability to eat normally. At Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry, it’s our goal to give you removable teeth that look like they’re your natural adult teeth!

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What Dentures and Partials Can Do for You

Add Stability to Function and Beauty

If you want dentures in Newberry, SC or already have them, consider looking at options with even greater stability. Both implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants are anchored in your jaw by durable and permanent posts surgically inserted into the bone. Dental implants are unsurpassed in their benefits, which include reliable performance, a healthier jawbone, and the preservation of your distinctive facial shape. With your new teeth affixed to your jaw, you’ll enjoy normal, reliable function during meals and conversations as compared to dentures and will be more relaxed knowing how secure your teeth are in your mouth. When attached to implants, dentures or bridges won’t loosen or slip at inopportune times—or ever! While standard dentures typically require occasional readjustment, implant-based solutions are made to hold firmly once in place. Let’s work together to determine which fixed or removable solution best fits your own needs, budget, and smile goals with a consultation here at our Newberry, SC office.

Artificial teeth have real benefits!

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