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Dental Crowns & Bridges - Newberry, SC

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Make Your Incomplete Smile a Thing of the Past

Are you insecure about cosmetic defects on your teeth or gaps in your smile? A fully restored new one awaits you! Dental bridges and dental crowns in Newberry, SC are widely acknowledged as an effective, convenient, and affordable way to restore flawed or, in the case of bridges, missing teeth. Crowns and bridges can be customized to fit you comfortably and blend flawlessly—in size, shape, and color—with your healthy natural teeth. With a proper maintenance regimen, dental crowns and bridges will provide flawless performance for years to come! The esteemed dentists at Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry are empowered by years of experience in providing restorative treatments. This expertise, coupled with our advanced dental technology, enables us to complete these treatments not only quickly but with spectacular, predictable results. Here at our relaxing Newberry, SC office, we discuss your personal smile goals and then customize a treatment plan that will give you the smile you’ve been wanting!

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Dental Crowns: The Look and Function of Natural Teeth

Dental crowns, or “caps” as they’re sometimes called, are made to be consistent with the size, strength, and shade of healthy teeth that surround them. They’re not only used to restore flawed teeth, but also to strengthen your tooth after you’ve received a filling or undergone root canal treatment. Fabricated from strong materials, dental crowns closely resemble natural teeth and stay firmly in place once attached to your teeth. Using modern, in-house technology, we’re able to customize these during the same day as your visit for dental crowns in Newberry, SC! We don’t send our crowns out to a lab, we create each one ourselves to ensure they match your unique needs and you receive your newly restored smile as conveniently as possible! Dental crowns perform many functions, including:

Dental Bridges: Fill in Gaps Left by Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is comprised of a series of dental crowns that fully span the gap left by missing teeth. Using the neighboring teeth as their anchors, dental bridges can restore biting and chewing power to that part of your mouth. No more eating on one side! We’ll trim some enamel off your teeth before affixing a final bridge, which will provide a secure, personalized fit. We use only top-quality restorative materials from renowned manufacturers so that your bridges will stay strong and beautiful for you well after placement. Dental bridges bring with them considerable advantages, including:

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Conveniently Restore Your Complete Smile!

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