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Reversing Jawbone Loss

We Can Rebuild the Foundation of Your Smile

Your jawbone is the literal foundation of your teeth, and as such is crucial for a beautiful, healthy smile. Tooth loss and decay can jeopardize this foundation, giving your face a prematurely aged appearance, restricting your diet, and harming your self-esteem. With comprehensive training in restorative dentistry and surgical treatments including bone grafting, our experienced dentists regularly reconstruct jawbones using specialized techniques and natural, biocompatible materials. After bone grafting in Newberry, SC, you can expect to see healthier facial aesthetics and become a candidate for life-changing dental implants, which can permanently reinstate the health, beauty, and function of your smile!

Bone Grafting

Comprehensive Treatment in One Location

We provide bone grafting in Newberry, SC through a technology-rich treatment suite at our office. This includes using our low-radiation 3D cone beam CT machine, leading-edge surgical techniques, and other advancements in dentistry to deliver consistent, enduring results. With your comfort as our top priority, we provide multiple sedation options in our Newberry, SC office to keep you relaxed and pain-free during procedures. Bone grafting and all other restorative treatments related to dental implants are available here in one location, making high-quality, efficient care convenient, too!

Related Treatments

Ridge Augmentation

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When you lose bone in your jaw it can become too thin to support a dental implant after tooth loss. We can reestablish the natural contours and thickness of your ridgeline or offer localized treatment to rehabilitate a tooth socket after extraction.

Sinus Lift

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When bone deterioration occurs near the back of your upper teeth, adjacent to your sinus cavity, the jawbone can end up too narrow to sustain a dental implant. We add bone graft material underneath this membrane to elevate the sinus floor and rebuild the bone density below it.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Gum tissue and bone tissue heal at different speeds after a procedure and when alongside one another can hinder each other’s improvement. To create a more favorable healing environment for both, we place a natural membrane between them. This protective layer allows the bone to regrow separately from the quicker-healing soft tissue.

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