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If you’re living with chronic tooth pain or if your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort, we’re here to provide comfortable treatment that can relieve your tooth pain and restore your oral health. Our dentists at Bela Family Dentistry have been providing tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions for decades and use advanced technology to help make your treatment efficient and minimally invasive. If one or more of your teeth are bothering you, we’ll provide tooth extractions in Kershaw, SC. With personalized sedation options and a caring team, you’ll have a comfortable experience, with treatment that returns your mouth to proper health. 

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Symptoms of Problem Teeth

Our extraction services

Tooth Extractions
If your tooth can’t be saved because it is too badly damaged or decayed, we’ll provide tooth extractions to remove any infection or pain from your mouth. We offer ridge augmentation to preserve the bone at the site of extractions and dental implants to permanently replace your tooth.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Usually, wisdom teeth will not grow in or erupt properly, so they become infected or risk harming existing teeth. We provide wisdom teeth extractions if these third molars become impacted or in order to prevent any discomfort or infection in the future.

Natural Replacements after Tooth Extraction

If you need a tooth extraction, the best way to replace your tooth is with a dental implant. Made from strong titanium, a dental implant actually fuses to your natural bone after it’s surgically placed into your jaw. This sturdy foundation, once restored with a dental crown, can return natural biting and chewing function to your tooth while providing seamless esthetics with the rest of your smile. If you choose this option, we can streamline your treatment process, often placing your dental implant the day of your tooth extraction in Kershaw, SC. This will save you the inconvenience of multiple surgeries and get you to a new tooth faster than with traditional treatment. We’ll help you decide if this is the best tooth replacement option for you at your consultation!

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