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Teeth Whitening - Kershaw, SC

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Personalized Teeth Whitening

If you’re not satisfied with yellowed or dull teeth, don’t keep putting off professional teeth whitening in Kershaw, SC!  This cosmetic dentistry treatment uses professional-grade products that can whiten your smile by many shades in just one appointment, with attractive and long-lasting results. Our dentists use some of the industry’s top-tier whitening brands, KöR® and Opalescence®, and provide personalized treatment that meets your cosmetic smile goals. We can whiten your teeth to an attractive shade that complements your natural skin tone. We provide this customized care in our Kershaw, SC office with our one-hour whitening treatment or with convenient take-home options. Choose which option best fits your life and see the results for yourself!

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Professional Vs. Drugstore Whitening

Are you wondering if drugstore teeth whitening kits are different from professional-grade whitening at Bela Family Dentistry? They certainly are! Drugstore whitening brands have less potent ingredients, so they won’t significantly whiten your teeth or keep them bright for very long. Common complaints we hear include gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, or unnatural or uneven results. Drugstore teeth whitening products also have chemicals within the gel or strips that can damage natural tooth enamel if they’re used repeatedly. If you want to brighten your smile with teeth whitening and are deciding which option to choose, we always recommend you schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment with us! You’ll notice the benefits almost instantly.

Our Convenient Teeth Whitening Experience

We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options using professional-grade KöR and Opalescence brands. If you choose one-hour whitening, you’ll enjoy the peaceful setting at our Kershaw, SC office and comfortable treatment that won’t cause you any tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. We’ll customize your Kershaw, SC teeth whitening to ensure your smile looks natural and healthy on you. If you choose our take-home solutions, these products are still professional-grade, but you can use them whenever it’s most convenient and comfortable for you. It won’t take as long as using drugstore whitening kits, however. No matter which solution you choose, we’ll help you reclaim confidence in your smile!

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