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Sedation Dentistry - Kershaw, SC

You Can Overcome Dental Anxiety

Relax in Our Comfortable Office

Dental anxiety can feel nearly impossible to overcome, but our team at Bela Family Dentistry wants you to know that it’s possible! Many of our patients are fearful or anxious about receiving dental care. If you feel this way, you’re in great hands with us! Our highly skilled and compassionate team is here to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable at every appointment. This starts in our living room-style waiting room and extends throughout all phases of your care. Our sedation options range from laughing gas for mild anxiety to sleeping through your procedure with IV sedation. We’ll help you overcome your dental anxiety and provide a safe atmosphere to keep you coming back for all your routine care at our office.

Choose Your Ideal Sedation Option

We’ll help you figure out the best sedation option for your level of anxiety and what treatments you need. We offer the following sedation methods:

IV Sedation
If you want to comfortably “sleep” through your procedure and wake not remembering anything, then IV sedation is right for you! This sedation is delivered intravenously, and while you’ll be fully conscious, you’ll remain in a deeply relaxed state and will feel no discomfort. If you have severe dental anxiety, this may be your best option, especially if you need more complex treatment, such as dental implants or other oral surgery.
Oral Sedation
If you fear needles or need assistance feeling less tense and anxious at your appointment, oral sedation is an ideal choice. You’ll take an anti-anxiety pill an hour or so before your procedure to relax your mind and body. You won’t be asleep, but you will be in a very comfortable, relaxed state. We provide different types of oral sedatives based on your anxiety level and how long your procedure will take.
Local Anesthesia
Local anesthetic is a topical numbing agent we use for simple treatments like filling a cavity. We’ll numb your mouth first with a gel before administering this anesthetic via injection. We also provide The Wand® Anesthesia option, which numbs the site for painless injection of local anesthesia. Local anesthesia only numbs the treatment site and can last for a few hours after your procedure is done. You may want to test how easy it is to eat and drink so you don’t spill!

Avoid the Health Risks of Dental Anxiety

Our many sedation options are here to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible at your dental appointments, whether for routine teeth cleanings or more complex restorative treatment. More than making your experience pain-free and safe, our sedation also helps you return to our office for the regular check-ups you need to maintain a healthy mouth. When you overcome your dental anxiety with help from our compassionate team and sedation, you’ll no longer need to fear coming to our office for your dental care in the future!

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

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