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Multiple Missing Teeth - Kershaw, SC

The Solution for Several Missing Teeth

Make Implant Bridges Your First Choice

Did you know that if you are missing several teeth, you don’t have to choose between a partial denture or a dental bridge? You can now experience the benefits of a dental implant bridge, which is neither removable like partials nor compromises the health of adjacent teeth like a conventional bridge. Using a dental implant bridge, we can completely reestablish your tooth function and keep your other teeth and jawbone healthy long-term. Plus, with modern materials and our cosmetic expertise, we’ll make your new teeth look amazing!

The reason patients are turning to dental implant bridges is due to their long-term benefits. Because these bridges of teeth are supported by dental implants, we won’t need to bother any other teeth as the dental implants in Kershaw, SC will act as new tooth roots and will be strong enough to support your new row of teeth. Along with keeping your jawbone healthy, they’ll last for many years with the proper care. We’re skilled in dental surgeries and restorative treatment at Bela Family Dentistry, and make sure your treatment outcomes give you a smile you’ll love! With great attention to your smile goals and comfort, we can help improve your smile and confidence for life!

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Determining Your Best Treatment Option

The first step toward achieving a smile you love is pinpointing your smile goals. This will help us determine the treatment option that best matches your personal goals and functional needs. Do you want a more esthetic smile? The ability to chew on both sides of your mouth? Better overall oral health or confidence? A removable appliance or permanent row of teeth? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you and our team determine the right solution for you. We encourage you to weigh the pros and cons of your options, then read about the process for receiving a dental implant bridge, the most ideal solution for most patients.

Removable Partial Dentures (Partials)

Dental Bridge

Implant Supported

Our Smile Restoration Process

Step 1: Consultation
During your first consultation at our Kershaw, SC office, we’ll talk together about your goals and options, and specifically if you qualify for dental implants. We’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation to assess the health of your mouth, including your bone and teeth. You’ll most likely be a good candidate for dental implants, but if not, we can provide the treatment necessary to ensure you are. To take a comprehensive look at your mouth and to aid with treatment planning, we will use our cone beam CT technology to capture 3D images of your teeth and bone. If you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, we’ll be sure to factor those into your personalized treatment so your surgery is successful.
Step 2: Implant Placement
On the day of your dental implant surgery, we’ll first make you relaxed and comfortable with a custom level of sedation. The amount and type of sedation will depend on your level of dental anxiety and the length of your procedure. One of our options includes IV sedation, which allows you to “sleep” through your whole procedure! If you need teeth removed or bone grafting to restore lost jawbone, we’ll do that first before placing your implants. These treatments can often be combined into one surgical appointment. We’ll do our best to streamline this process for you. To place your dental implants in Kershaw, SC, we’ll gain access to your bone, then insert the implant post. This process takes less than a few hours. If you’re able to receive a temporary bridge, we’ll attach it once the implants are in place, so you can leave our office with new teeth!
Step 3: Restoration
You may need between 3-4 months to heal before we can attach your permanent dental bridge. This healing phase is important as it’s when the implants and bone are fusing together. If you received a temporary bridge, you can go about normal activities without any discomfort. If you need follow-up care during this time, we’re here for you and will make sure everything is healing properly. When your implants are healed, you’ll make one last trip to our office to have your permanent dental implant bridge attached! Enjoy your beautiful, functional smile!
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Making Your Solution Affordable

No matter if you choose a partial denture, dental bridge, or implant-supported option, we’ll do all we can to make sure your treatment is affordable. Many times, patients feel concerned about the initial cost of a dental implant bridge when compared to their other options. If your primary goal is long-lasting function and esthetics, a dental implant bridge is your best choice, especially if you wish to restore your ability to eat foods comfortably and maintain the health of your jawbone. Remember, not replacing your missing teeth will always compromise the health of other bone, teeth, and gum tissue. Only a dental implant bridge can fully restore the health and function of natural teeth. To help you reach this better quality of life, we provide flexible financing options and will work with your insurance company on your behalf. We’ll help you return to a life and smile that fills you with confidence!

Is a dental implant bridge right for you?

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