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At Bela Family Dentistry, we want our patients to know that general dentistry means more than routine teeth cleanings. It’s our chance to help you attain a level of oral health you’re proud of and a beautiful, functional smile for life. And it ensures that your teeth, gums, and bone do not develop infection or disease with our comprehensive evaluations and preventive services. We’ll help you and your family keep oral health on track with our personalized general dentistry care. Come to our Kershaw, SC office and receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff and treatment that reflects your smile goals. We would love to be your new family dentist in Kershaw, SC!

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Our General Dentistry Services

Dental Exams
Keep your teeth healthy for life with routine hygiene appointments and evaluations. During your comprehensive exam, we’ll check for signs of decay and disease and provide a thorough cleaning. We’ll also be sure to include an oral cancer screening and catch any warning signs before they develop any further. For pediatric and adult patients alike, we’ll provide sealants and fluoride treatment, an added protection against dental decay. If necessary, we’ll take images of your mouth with our low-radiation cone beam CT scanning technology.
Restorative Dentistry
Crowns and bridges at Bela Family Dentistry are made custom and are made in house using our cutting-edge milling machine. Made to match your smile and last for many years to come, once our same-day crowns and bridges are placed they’ll look and feel just like your natural teeth. We also offer composite fillings and bonding in order to restore the integrity of a tooth and correct small imperfections. No matter if your teeth are worn, chipped, or missing altogether, we’ll have a restorative solution for you.
TMJ Treatment
Don’t let symptoms of TMJ disorder keep you from living a comfortable, pain-free life. If you’re experiencing problems with your joints, jaw, or teeth we can help with personalized treatments, including mouthguards and orthodontics. Mouthguards separate your top and bottom teeth which can prevent the harmful effects of grinding and clenching. This appliance also relieves stress on the jaw and muscles. Orthodontic treatment, which moves teeth into alignment, minimizes grinding and clenching so the jaws can function with ease.
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep through the night and reduce your risk for dangerous systemic conditions with proper sleep apnea treatment. If your jaw relaxes back during sleep, your tongue and tissues will block your airway causing repeated breathing cessations throughout the night. Using Dr. Jeff Rouse and Spear® Education’s six-step treatment protocol, we can reduce symptoms of sleep apnea with custom oral appliance therapy. You’ll notice improved sleep, better energy levels, and other physical changes as a result of treatment.

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