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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Kershaw, SC

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Watch Ryan’s Story

Watch Ryan’s Story

Stop Living in Pain or Self-Consciousness

Is tooth loss keeping you from living a confident life or completing daily activities like eating and speaking comfortably? You aren’t alone. We’re to help with comprehensive solutions, including full mouth dental implants in Kershaw, SC. You can overcome these limitations in your day-to-day life with solutions that results in attractive, functional smiles!

Our experienced dentists will personalize your treatment plan to fit your goals and budget, providing you with an outcome that truly transforms your day-to-day life and confidence! We’re great listeners and truly care about providing you with a smile that restores your quality of life. Read more about your tooth replacement options here, then contact our experienced Kershaw, SC team to schedule your first consultation.

Choose Your Teeth Replacement Solution

Your first option for restoring your smile is a removable denture, which takes the place of missing teeth in your mouth, either in one or both arches. Today’s modern dentures look natural, but they only restore about 10 percent of original biting and chewing function. For some patients, the insecurity of dentures is an issue, so they choose implant supported dentures. This solution improves function due to the stability of dental implants  inserted into your jaw that stabilize the denture. If you desire a solution that is as close to a full set of healthy natural teeth as possible, consider full mouth dental implants. This treatment provides a permanent and superior function while looking and feeling completely natural. Full mouth dental implants consist of a life-like bridge of teeth attached securely to four or more dental implants. They’re the solution of choice for many patients looking for long-term health benefits and a return to natural function and esthetics.

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Determining Which Option Is Best for You

The best way to determine which full mouth solution is right for you is to consider your tooth replacement goals. If you’re looking for a quick option that provides adequate benefits, dentures may be right for you. Similarly, if you want to get full function back, you’ll benefit the most from full mouth dental implants in Kershaw, SC. Our dentists are skilled in all these tooth replacement options and can help you determine which is best for you. If dentures are the best option for you, the process is relatively simple, but for solutions involving dental implants, we’ve outlined below what you can expect at Bela Family Dentistry.

Your Path to a New Smile

Step 1. Consultation
Your consultation is a big part of your treatment process. We’ll evaluate your health and functional needs, discuss your esthetic goals, and assess your financial budget to ensure your full mouth restoration is exactly what you need and can afford. We’ll also take a full cone beam CT scan of your mouth, which we’ll use to customize your surgery and restorative treatment. Knowing where you’re coming from and what you’re looking for will help us create a personalized treatment plan.
Step 2. Preparation
One of the hallmarks of our practice is how custom our treatments are for each of our patients. From your consultation, we’ll determine if you need preliminary treatments before you can get surgery. This all depends on the unique condition your mouth is in and may include treatment for gum disease or bone grafting to prep your jaw for dental implants. Ensuring a healthy foundation for your new smile is crucial to its long-term success. When your mouth is ready, you’ll return to our office for your implant surgery.
Step 3. Surgery
You’ll be receiving anywhere between 4-8 dental implants in a single arch. We’ve developed protocols to make your surgical process streamlined, however, and many times we can complete your surgery in under a few hours. We’ll already have your surgery planned and custom dental implants chosen to ensure the efficiency of this appointment. When you are comfortable and relaxed with a sedation option, we’ll place the dental implants in your jaw. Many of our patients qualify for immediate loading of a provisional on the day of surgery, so we’ll do our best to make this possible for you.
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A New Smile that Fits Your Budget

You’re most likely aware that full mouth dental implants in Kershaw, SC have a higher price tag than removable options like dentures. While this may deter you from considering implants, remember that this option is permanent and the closest thing to natural teeth you can get. While dentures generally last between 5 and 10 years, full mouth solutions can last the rest of your life and give you the dental function and smile esthetics needed to live a confident, active life. No matter what solution you choose, we’re here with affordable payment options and third-party financing so that your financial situation doesn’t get in the way of your new smile.

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