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Living with Chronic Tooth Pain?

Return Comfort and Health to Your Smile

If you’ve been living with a chronic toothache or recently experienced severe tooth pain, the reason may be stemming from the same location: your tooth roots. If an infection is present, it is often due to bacteria from a cavity that has reached the internal pulp chamber of your tooth. Generally, a basic filling isn’t going to repair this damage, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need a tooth extraction either. When infection is present inside your tooth, your best option is a root canal. Extensively trained in endodontics in Kershaw, SC, our skilled dentists and can return you to a comfortable life again with personalized root canal therapy. Don’t live with tooth pain any longer!

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Find Relief from Your Tooth Pain

If you’re thinking a root canal sounds worse than living with tooth pain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple and painless this modern procedure is. Our first goal is to ensure your complete comfort. Being attentive to your anxieties is a large part of what sets our Bela Family Dentistry team apart from other dentists. When you arrive at our Kershaw, SC office, you’ll be welcomed into our relaxing treatment suite, fully equipped to provide sedation. Your sedation option is based on how much anxiety we’ll need to control so you can experience maximum comfort. For the procedure itself, we make an opening in the top of your tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. Inside, we remove all the inflamed and infected tissue, then disinfect and reshape the interior of the tooth. After medicating the chambers, we’ll strengthen the interior of the tooth by filling it with gutta-percha, a special hardening material. Finally, we make a custom dental crown to cap your treated tooth to ensure its longevity and strength. In just one appointment, you’ll have a smile back on your face as you resume normal daily activities, now free from tooth pain!

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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

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