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Rebuild an Esthetic, Healthy Smile

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You don’t have to let chipped, worn down, or missing teeth keep you from feeling confident in your smile. Our custom dental bridges and dental crowns in Kershaw, SC can rebuild an esthetic and healthy smile, with restorations that are cost-effective and long-term when properly cared for. Though having different purposes, both crowns and bridges are personalized to return a damaged or missing tooth or teeth to their natural function and esthetics. When cared for, dental crowns and bridges can last for many years! Our experienced dentists have helped hundreds of patients improve their smiles with custom, digitally guided treatment. At our Kershaw, SC practice, we’ll learn about your esthetic smile goals, then we’ll create a personalized treatment plan that improves your smile and your oral function!

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Dental Crowns: Remake an Original Tooth

A dental crown is a “cap” for your tooth that restores its strength, color, and size. If your tooth is broken, worn down, or discolored, you’ll benefit from dental crowns! Dental crowns are made from strong and durable materials and look naturally esthetic when attached to your original tooth. At our Kershaw, SC office, we have an in-house milling machine so we can complete your restoration process in one appointment. Dental crowns can help do the following:

Dental Bridges: Restore a Missing Tooth

A dental bridge is three or more dental crowns fused together that include a false tooth suspended between two natural adjacent teeth. These “abutment” teeth become anchors for the dental bridge so it can restore biting and chewing power and smile esthetics. We’ll have to remove a portion of the enamel from your natural teeth, but the final dental bridge will fit comfortably and look beautiful. Like for our crowns, we only use strong and durable materials to create dental bridges, so when they’re properly cared for, they can last for many years. Dental bridges are ideal for:

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Stop living with a damaged or missing tooth.

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