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Teeth Whitening - Florence, SC

Restore Your Bright, Vibrant Smile

Long-Lasting, Personalized Teeth Whitening

If you want to bring vibrancy back to your smile, our personalized and long-lasting professional teeth whitening services are here to help. Our dentists have years of experience in teeth whitening in Florence, SC and use high-quality, professional-grade products from KöR® and Opalescence®. Using this expertise and cosmetic dentistry training, we provide personalized treatment with naturally brighter and long-lasting results. Whether you need one-hour whitening before a big event or would prefer brightening your smile at home, we have the convenient solutions for you. You’ll love how comfortable and efficient your cosmetic dentistry treatment is!

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The Benefits of Professional Whitening

Is it better to receive professional whitening services from our team at Bela Family Dentistry instead of using drugstore whitening kits? Yes! Drugstore brands do not have professional-grade products and won’t brighten your teeth as many shades and may not provide an even or natural result. These products also tend to cause tooth and gum sensitivity and can wear away at your natural tooth enamel if used repeatedly. Our professional products, however, provide much faster and more natural results and rarely cause gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. We’re also directly involved in your teeth whitening process so that you’re getting results that blend perfectly with your natural skin tone. We always recommend you come to our office for professional teeth whitening if you’re looking for safe, effective, and long-lasting results! You’ll notice the following benefits:

Teeth Whitening that Fits Your Life

We conveniently provide both take-home and in-office teeth whitening options from our KöR and Opalescence brands. You can opt for a one-hour whitening session if you need immediate results or choose our take-home solutions for convenient and comfortable whitening at home. No matter which option you choose, we’re here to monitor your Florence, SC teeth whitening progress and make sure your teeth are brightened to the most complementary and natural shade of white! Don’t wait to brighten your teeth—it can take as little as one hour!

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