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Helping Your Child Develop Great Oral Health

You may not know, but the oral health of your child is important, too! Children’s growth and development happens just as much in their mouth (jaws and teeth) as it does in their whole body. So, it’s important to prioritize pediatric dentistry in Florence, SC as well as primary healthcare appointments. As a family practice, we take great care to ensure that our young patients receive exceptional dental care and have good oral health habits established as they grow older. We’re passionate about building relationships from day one and consider this to be a crucial part of your child’s pediatric dentistry experience. This is one of the reasons many of our patients bring their entire families to us! You can rest assured your child will be cared for by our experienced dentists and our entire team.

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What to Expect at Our Pediatric Dentistry Visits

Both you and your child will be warmly welcomed by our dentists and staff. You’ll get a tour of our Florence, SC practice and meet everyone on our team. Many of our patients have told us that this attentiveness to comfort and inclusion has helped their child feel right at home. We’ll assess the health of your child’s growing mouth, including cleaning their teeth (if present) and providing sealants or fluoride treatment. For our youngest patients, our dental exams are primarily an opportunity to help your child feel relaxed and calm in our practice, so they’ll feel comfortable coming when they are older.

During these appointments, we’ll also educate you on how to brush your child’s teeth or assist them in doing so, diet and nutrition recommendations, and establishing healthy oral care routines. With the proper professional care and good habits initiated during these Florence, SC pediatric dentistry visits, your child will get a head start on their oral and physical health, increasing the probability that they will care for their smiles throughout their entire lives!

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