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Three Solutions, One Clear Winner

Your teeth may be generally healthy inside and out, with no noticeable blemishes. However, if your teeth are crooked, all those other qualities may not matter to you if a “perfect” smile is what you seek. You might be thinking of braces as the best remedy, and that’s correct up to a point. Traditional metal braces do a good job of moving teeth back into their proper position, but the treatment has its drawbacks. Metal wires and braces can completely dominate your smile, cause you to develop a temporary lisp, and make you feel self-conscious in social situations. With orthodontic treatment from the Bela Family Dentistry team, all you and others will notice is spectacular results. We offer not one but three transparent options for orthodontics in Florence, SC. These solutions are alternatives to metal braces that enable you to have a straight, spectacular smile through discreet treatment. No matter which of these options you choose, there’s one clear winner—you!

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The Benefits of Clear Orthodontia

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Our Orthodontic Solutions

Invisalign is possibly one of the best-known methods for straightening teeth apart from standard braces. Invisalign not only makes you look better than before but also improves your bite and makes your teeth less likely to suffer from wear. It offers all the same benefits as traditional metal braces without the drawback of their appearance. Invisalign works via a series of clear aligners constructed from durable plastic that slides over your teeth and slowly moves them back into their ideal position. Our team customizes the aligners to your teeth, so they will fit firmly and comfortably. You’ll wear them up to 22 hours per day, removing them only for meals and dental hygiene. While in place, they’re practically invisible!
ClearCorrect is another type of transparent orthodontics in Florence, SC that provides all of the same benefits of traditional braces using clear aligners. Made in America, ClearCorrect aligners reliably straighten crooked teeth over time and prevent teeth that are already straight from growing crooked. As with Invisalign, you’ll wear the aligners about 22 hours each day. They’re made from a thinner material and are considered by many to be a cost-effective alternative.
Six Month Smiles®
Do you have a wedding, important anniversary or family reunion coming up and you’re dreading the pictures because of your crooked teeth? Six Month Smiles clear braces can straighten teeth much faster—about six months in most cases. These are modeled after traditional braces with brackets and wires. However, where standard braces are made of highly visible metal, the brackets of Six Month Smiles are transparent and the wires are tooth-colored for discreet performance. Six Month Smiles also offers a clear aligner option that fits over your teeth in a way similar to Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

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