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Multiple Missing Teeth - FLORENCE, SC

Have a Few Gaps in Your Smile?

Dentures Aren’t Your Only Choice

There was a time when multiple missing teeth required you to get a removable partial denture or a fixed dental bridge supported by existing healthy teeth. Dentures are a popular solution, but they can’t return full oral function and are also prone to slipping. Bridges do eliminate gaps left by missing teeth, but because they don’t have natural roots or implant posts, they can compromise the health of adjoining teeth. Fortunately, we now have a superior option that can both fully restore your dental function but also keep neighboring teeth and bone healthy. They really look amazing, too!

Implant supported bridges have increasingly become the go-to solution for patients who are missing several teeth. While standard bridges require you to have neighboring teeth filed down, dental implant bridges are anchored into dental implant posts which are permanently inserted in your jawbone, making for a secure, dependable fit. These implants take the place of your natural tooth roots and don’t impact adjacent teeth, allowing you to chew normally and preserve your jaw. Within the space of one appointment, our skilled, experienced team can place your dental implants in Florence, SC, restore them in our office, and send you off with an amazing, healthy smile. Bela Family Dentistry has transformed the lives of countless patients who have suffered from multiple tooth loss. We can do the same for you with implant supported bridges.

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Compare Implants to Other Teeth Replacement Options

Removable Partial Dentures (Partials)

Fixed Dental Bridge

Implant Supported Bridge

Three Steps to Rebuild Your Full Smile

Step 1: Consultation
During a personalized one-hour consultation we will discuss each of these options and determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants in Florence, SC. Each consultation includes an assessment of your dental health and a determination of your personal smile goals. Most patients with multiple missing teeth are candidates for dental implants. In some cases, other treatments may be needed before implants can be placed. Using low-radiation CT scanning technology, we’ll take 3D images of your mouth that enable us to see exactly what’s going on underneath your gums and bone and create a custom treatment plan for you. Certain medical conditions can increase the likelihood of complications after dental implant surgery, so we will take your medical history at this time as well.
Step 2: Implant Placement
When you come in for your dental implant placement, we’ll begin by making you comfortable with the appropriate level of sedation. This depends upon your level of anxiety and the complexity of your case. Be assured we have many options to keep you pain-free including IV sedation so you can sleep through your entire procedure! Before we begin the placement procedure, we will also perform any tooth extractions you need to remove unsalvageable decayed teeth and any bone grafting to restore deteriorated jawbone. We’re generally able to do these the same day as your implant surgery, depending upon the health of your jaw. In some instances, the treatment site may need to heal up to four months before we place your implants to ensure the best results.

For placement itself, we will surgically insert a limited number of durable implant posts into your jaw. During this process we take multiple factors into consideration, including the condition of your bone, the position of your dental nerves, and the overall esthetics of your mouth. We use high-quality implants from all of the top manufacturers in the industry and will recommend a type based on your specific goals and needs. After placement we’re typically able to attach a temporary dental implant bridge before allowing you some time to recover. In this case, you’ll be able to leave our Florence, SC office the same day with functional, attractive temporary teeth that will enable you to experience a normal life again very soon after!
Step 3: Restoration
You will recover for up to six months with your temporary bridge before we place your customized final bridge. During that time, your implants will be gradually—and permanently—fusing with your jawbone. Meanwhile, you’ll have a complete smile, and be able to eat most foods, speak, and do other daily activities without discomfort or worry. We’ll check on the progress of your healing from time to time to make sure it’s on track. When you’re fully healed, we’ll bring you in to place your final implant supported bridge. This involves removing the temporary bridge and affixing the final bridge firmly to the implant posts. We’ll make sure it fits comfortably, and securely, and that you’re happy with the way your teeth look before sending you on your way—with our congratulations and good wishes.
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How We Make Your Ideal Smile Affordable

You might be wondering what this amazing solution costs. The price of implant supported bridges depends upon many factors, including your current dental health and any additional procedures you might need before, during, or after placement. It’s important to remember that dental implants provide the longest-lasting, most natural-looking replacement for natural teeth today. It’s equally as important to remember that not replacing missing teeth can compromise your other healthy teeth, gums, and bones.

We want you to be able to enjoy the carefree, confident life that a full set of healthy teeth can provide. Because of this, we offer flexible financing options to help you get your ideal smile within your budget. Ask us for details today! Insurance coverage varies for dental implants in Florence, SC. Check with your carrier for specific information. For your convenience, we file all insurance claims on your behalf. We’ll work with you to get you where you want to be.

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