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Dentures & Partials - Florence, SC

Modern, Comfortable Solutions for Multiple Missing Teeth

Natural Looking Dentures and Partials

Tooth loss can have very real physical and emotional consequences. If you’re struggling to feel attractive and confident because you’re missing several or all your teeth, we’re here to help! With our custom denture solutions, we can help eliminate troubling symptoms of missing teeth, such as pain when eating, loss of facial structure, and a shifting bite. We provide modern, comfortable partials and dentures in Florence, SC that are custom-made to fit your mouth so you can experience an improvement in your ability to eat, talk, and laugh. Best of all, our dentures and partials are so natural-looking, others most likely won’t even notice you have artificial teeth!

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Advantages of Dentures and Partials

More Security for Your Smile

While Florence, SC dentures and partials do have their benefits, you can choose a more permanent and secure alternative with dental implants. Especially if you’re considering removable teeth or have been wearing them for a while, you’ll be excited to learn about these more stable solutions. We offer implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants, three solutions that rely on the strength and support of dental implants secured into your natural jawbone. Dental implants provide permanent stability to a bridge, denture, or arch of artificial teeth and have many advantages. Unlike removable partials and dentures, dental implant solutions will keep your gums and bone healthy, too, in addition to providing you with natural-looking teeth. When your teeth are held firmly in place by dental implants, you’ll notice even greater day-to-day function and you’ll feel a greater level of security and confidence in strong, stable teeth. In fact, any number of artificial teeth supported by dental implants will never loosen or fall out! Dental implant solutions, due to the health and function they provide long-term, won’t ever need to be adjusted or relined, either.

Whether you’re interested in these fixed solutions or believe removable dentures or partials best fit your current situation, we can help. Our trained Florence, SC dentists are skilled in all solutions to replace missing teeth and provide personalized treatment that restores your health, smile, and quality of life.

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