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Dental Crowns & Bridges - Florence, SC

Give Your Smile an Esthetic, Functional Boost

Custom Restorations that Look Real

Is your smile lacking esthetics and function because you have broken or missing teeth? Dental crowns and dental bridges are two of our most popular and affordable restorative treatments! These restorations look like real teeth and provide your smile with natural and long-lasting function. Dental bridges and dental crowns in Florence, SC have different purposes but are both custom-made to restore the proper size, shape, and color to any number of teeth or simply replace a tooth altogether. With precision and skill, our experienced cosmetic dentistry team provides personalized treatment with crowns or bridges right here in our Florence, SC office. You’ll find that your cosmetic makeover process is tailored to your specific smile goals and designed to improve the function of your health, too, resulting in a smile you’ll love!

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Rebuild the Natural Function of a Tooth

Dental crowns “cap” broken, worn down, chipped, cracked, or severely discolored teeth. Designed to fit comfortably between existing teeth, dental crowns in Florence, SC will restore proper strength, size, and shape to a tooth so it can function naturally once again. We also use dental crowns to rebuild strength and esthetics to a tooth treated for a large cavity and after root canal therapy. Receiving a dental implant? A dental crown is also used to restore a dental implant that has replaced a single missing tooth. We make these durable, natural-looking crowns conveniently in our Florence, SC office using our in-house dental milling machine. From start to finish, your treatment will only take a few hours! Teeth in the following situations can benefit from dental crowns:

Replace a Lost or Severely Damaged Tooth

Dental bridges consist of a series of dental crowns fused together to replace a missing or extracted tooth. This restoration requires the two adjacent teeth to be healthy as they’ll need to be filed down and used as support for the bridge. The dental bridge will cap these two teeth, just like a crown would cap a single tooth, to anchor it in place. The result is a custom-fitted and life-like row of teeth that will provide natural beauty and function. Dental bridges provide the following benefits for both missing and existing teeth:

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Give your smile a boost!

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