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Restore Your Jawbone after Tooth Loss

Bone Grafting Is the Solution

Your jawbone provides natural support for your teeth. If it’s been damaged by disease or resorbed as a result of missing teeth, this can affect your candidacy for dental implants. The good news is that bone grafting is the long-term solution to bone loss and can restore everything from your natural facial structure to your ability to smile, eat, and laugh with dental implants. Our dentists are comprehensively trained in bone grafting in Florence, SC and are experienced in restoring jawbones using advanced technologies and materials. With the proper bone rebuilt, you’ll be a candidate for dental implants and be well on your way to restoring health, beauty, and function to your smile with permanent new teeth.

Bone Grafting

Restorative Treatment All In-House

We’ll complete your Florence, SC bone grafting treatment right in our modern office—the same location where you’ll receive dental implants and restorations. With such technologies as CBCT 3D scanning and Digital Smile Design, we’ll keep your comprehensive implant care streamlined and predictable. Best of all, your treatment will be consolidated at a single practice location that is equipped with advanced sedation options to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and pain control. We’re proud to offer all your treatments at our office and the superior quality and efficiency it provides patients like you!

Specialized Bone Grafting Techniques

Ridge Augmentation

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We’ll reestablish the natural contours of your jaw ridge after multiple teeth have been missing in a row or add bone grafting materials into the tooth socket after an extraction. The newly even and dense jawbone line will have the height and width to safely support a dental implant.

Sinus Lift

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Missing upper molars result in the resorption of the jawbone and sinking of the sinus cavity above. We’ll rebuild this shallow bone by raising up the sinus membrane and placing bone material beneath, restoring necessary bone height.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Your bone and soft tissues heal at different speeds, so it’s important to ensure they both have an optimal healing environment. We’ll place a barrier membrane between the grafted bone and the gums so they recover with no interference.

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