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A Gentle Solution to Problem Teeth

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Tooth pain can be one of the most difficult symptoms to endure. If you’re experiencing mild to severe discomfort or have impacted wisdom teeth coming in, we’re here to get your health back on track with tooth extractions in Edgefield, SC that relieve your tooth pain immediately. In some cases, we may be able to save your tooth with a root canal, however if that’s not possible, we offer gentle extractions right here in our state-of-the-art Edgefield, SC practice. We’re skilled in both tooth extractions and impacted wisdom tooth removal, with treatment plans utilizing both advanced technology and gentle surgical techniques. You can expect the same level of surgical care from any of our trained general dentists in a modern office equipped and sterilized for dental surgery. For more advanced tooth extractions or surgical procedures like wisdom teeth removal, we offer personalized sedation options. Sedation will help block out any discomfort and alleviate your anxieties so you can receive care without worry.

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Common Symptoms of Problem Teeth

Our Extraction Solutions

Tooth Extractions
For severely damaged or decayed teeth, we offer gentle extractions to rid your mouth of infection and discomfort. We’ll rebuild or preserve the empty socket after extraction with bone grafting treatment to slow bone loss. Then, we’ll help you choose a tooth replacement option to restore your mouth to proper function, health, and esthetics. We often recommend dental implants which provide a permanent and lifelike replacement for a missing tooth.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
For problematic third molars, we provide wisdom tooth extractions in Edgefield, SC in the comfort of our office. First, we’ll take cone beam CT scans of impacted teeth before creating a customized treatment plan. Then, we’ll provide sedation personalized to your preferred comfort level before gently and precisely removing each tooth. If removed early, we can avoid unnecessary pain and damage to your surrounding teeth.

Proper Care After Your Extraction

We’ll be sure to review your post-operative instructions after receiving your extraction. It’s important to take care of your treatment site in order to prevent conditions like dry sockets from forming. When a tooth is extracted, an empty space in the bone (the tooth socket) is left where the roots used to be. As part of your body’s natural healing process, a blood clot will develop in this spot, but if this clot fails to form or is displaced, you may experience what’s called a “dry socket” which painfully exposes the bone and nerves to the open air. Tooth extractions at our Edgefield, SC office rarely result in dry sockets if care is taken to follow all post-operative instructions provided by our team. This may include avoiding vigorous activities for a few days after surgery, not drinking through a straw, avoiding brushing the extraction site and making sure to rinse your mouth with warm salt water regularly. We’ll review all these considerations until you feel comfortable and confident. If you do experience pain after your treatment, we’ll be here, ready to help.

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