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The Smile of Your Dreams is Possible

Smile Makeovers Transform More than Your Looks

What’s the first thing people notice about you? For many, it’s their smile. If you’re unhappy with the way yours looks, it can not only cause your self-esteem to drop, but affect other’s first impression of you as well. If you have cosmetic imperfections—crooked, gapped, worn down, discolored, or missing teeth—this can play a big role in the esthetics of your smile and your confidence! Our skilled cosmetic dentistry team is here to help make your dream smile a reality with a personalized smile makeover in Edgefield, SC. With modern training in cosmetic procedures, our dentists are experienced in both the artistic and functional aspects necessary to renew your smile and restore proper beauty, function, and health. A smile makeover treatment plan can include simple cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening, but it can also help restore proper function to a flawed smile with crowns and bridges or dental implants. Either way, any of the procedures we perform can drastically enhance the look of your smile so you can live your life confidently again!

smile makeover patient

What We Can Include in Your Smile Makeover

Collaborative Care with Digital Smile Design

We want your new smile to be 100 percent you, not something that we tell you is best. Using advanced Digital Smile Design technology for your smile makeover in Edgefield, SC, we can digitally design a new smile to your exact specifications. We’ll even be able to provide you with a digital smile simulation so you can see your final smile before treatment begins! This puts you in control of how your smile will look and allows you to modify the treatment plan until it meets your smile goals with results that even complement your facial features. No matter how many treatments you need to achieve this dream smile, we can create an effective strategy to get you there. With our personalized approach and this advanced technology, we are better able to choose the necessary services and create a treatment plan that streamlines the process while giving you the smile you deserve.

The Results You Want from a Team You Can Trust

Technology, training, experience, and materials matter. Our team of cosmetic dentists at Bela Family Dentistry are highly skilled in offering comprehensive consultations, modern cosmetic treatments, and high-quality results that truly last because we offer the most leading-edge solutions available today. We don’t offer cookie-cutter plans or temporary fixes. We get to know you and your oral health needs and customize a treatment plan that meets the needs you know of and the ones you haven’t thought of yet. We want you to receive the smile you’ll be proud to wear every day, so you live life freely and unrestricted. Come in a get the smile you’ve only dreamed about. Trust us, we can make it a reality.

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