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Have a full set of shiny white teeth and still find your smile lacking? If your teeth are crooked, all those other qualities may not matter to you if a “perfect” smile is what you want. You may be thinking that braces are the best course of treatment, and that’s true to an extent. Traditional metal braces generally do a reliable job of moving teeth back into their proper position, but they also have disadvantages. Metal wires and braces can completely overshadow your smile, cause you to develop a temporary speech impediment, and make you feel self-conscious in social situations. With orthodontic care from the Bela Family Dentistry team, the only standout feature of your smile will be how perfect it looks. We provide three different transparent options for orthodontics in Edgefield, SC as an alternative to overly conspicuous traditional braces, so you can have a magnificently aligned smile with discreet treatment. Select any of those options and you’ve got a clear winner—and you are a clear winner!

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What Clear Aligners Provide

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Our Orthodontic Solutions

Invisalign is undoubtedly one of the best-known ways to straighten your teeth aside from traditional metal braces. Invisalign will enrich the look of your smile, make your bite healthier and balanced, and protect your teeth from wear. In terms of results, it’s equivalent to standard braces but doesn’t have the same esthetic disadvantages. Invisalign treatment incorporates sets of durable, transparent plastic aligners that slip over your teeth and progressively shift them back into their correct alignment. We create each set of aligners to your specifications, so they’ll fit snugly yet comfortably. You’ll wear them as many as 22 hours each day, removing them exclusively for mealtimes and dental hygiene. When they’re in, they’re almost imperceptible!
ClearCorrect is also a clear option for orthodontics in Edgefield, SC that provides the same benefits as traditional braces through transparent aligners. ClearCorrect aligners dependably and incrementally straighten crooked teeth and keep teeth that are already straight from turning crooked. You’ll keep the aligners in about 22 hours per day—the same as with Invisalign. They’re constructed from a leaner material and are widely viewed as an economical choice.
Six Month Smiles®
Do you have a wedding, milestone anniversary or family get-together coming up that you aren’t looking forward to because of the way your smile will look in the pictures? Six Month Smiles clear braces can realign teeth much sooner—typically in six months or so. These are designed like traditional braces with brackets and wires. The advantage is that while traditional braces are made of impossible-to-miss metal, the brackets of Six Month Smiles are transparent and the wires designed to match the color of your teeth. Six Month Smiles also comes as a clear aligner that you place over your teeth just like Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

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