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There Is an Alternative to Dentures

In years past, if you had a lot of missing teeth, that usually meant that removable partial dentures or fixed dental bridges supported by your remaining healthy teeth were your only options. Dentures are still widely used today, but they can’t completely restore your oral function and they’re also susceptible to slipping out of place. Bridges fill gaps created by missing teeth, but since they have neither natural roots nor implant posts to act as roots, they can compromise the health of adjacent teeth. Today we’re fortunate to have a better option that can fully restore your dental function, keep the neighboring teeth and bone healthy and even restore natural-looking esthetics—dental implants in Edgefield, SC!

Implant supported bridges have emerged as the best overall solution for patients with many missing teeth. While standard bridges force you to get the adjacent teeth filed down, dental implant bridges are secured onto dental implant posts that have been permanently implanted into your jawbone. The upshot is a comfortable, dependable fit. The implants take the place of your natural tooth roots and won’t harm adjacent teeth, allowing you to eat normally and safeguarding your jaw. In just hours, our highly trained and experienced team can place your dental implants, restore them, and send you off with a healthy mouth. Bela Family Dentistry has helped so many patients overcome tooth loss and rediscover their smiles. We’re ready to do the same for you with implant supported bridges.

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How Implants Compare to Other Tooth Replacement Solutions

Removable Partial Dentures

Fixed Dental Bridge

Implant Supported Bridge

Three Steps to Reclaim a Complete Smile

Step 1: Consultation
You’ll come to our Edgefield, SC office for a personalized one-hour consultation, during which we’ll review all of your options and verify that you’re eligible for dental implants. Each consultation includes a dental health evaluation and a discussion of your personal smile goals. Most patients with several missing teeth qualify to receive dental implants in Edgefield, SC. In certain instances, we may need to perform other procedures before placing your implants. Using low-radiation CT scanning technology, we’ll take 3D images of your mouth that allow us to form a deeper understanding of your current oral health and formulate a treatment plan specifically for you. We’ll also take your medical history at this time, since certain medical conditions can increase your chances of developing complications after your dental implant placement.
Step 2: Dental Implant Placement
On the day of your dental implant placement, we’ll begin by making you relaxed using customized sedation dentistry treatment. Be assured that we offer many options to help you stay pain-free, including IV sedation, which puts you in a sleeplike state for the entirety of the procedure! If needed, we’ll also perform any tooth extractions needed to remove unsalvageable teeth and bone grafting to rebuild thinning or receding jawbone before we begin placement. We’re often able to perform these on the same day as your implant placement procedure. In select situations, we may need to allow the treatment site to heal for up to four months before placing your implants to ensure the best outcomes.

During the placement procedure, we’ll surgically insert the minimum number of implant posts needed to support your bridge into your jawbone. For this procedure we take a few factors into consideration, including the health of your bone, the position of your dental nerves, and your oral and facial esthetics. We choose high-quality implants from all of the top manufacturers in the business and will always recommend the type we use for you based on your specific smile goals and health needs. Once placement is finished, we’re normally able to fasten a temporary dental implant bridge to your jaw before allowing you time to heal. When this is the case, you can to leave our office the very same day with functional, attractive temporary teeth that will enable you to quickly resume normal daily activities!
Step 3: Restoration
Your healing phase will last around six months, during which time you’ll wear your provisional bridge while your personalized final bridge is created. During that time, your implants will be gradually and permanently fusing with your jawbone. In the interim, you can enjoy having a full smile, eat many of your favorite foods, speak naturally, and engage in other day-to-day activities without feeling awkward or self-conscious. Along the way, we’ll keep an eye on your recovery to ensure that it’s progressing as expected. When you’re totally healed, we’ll bring you back in so that we can place your final implant supported bridges. This means removing the temporary bridges and fastening the final bridge securely to your implant posts. We’ll confirm that it fits firmly, and that you’re delighted with how your teeth look before congratulating you on your wonderful and complete new smile.
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We Make Dream Smiles Possible

You’re probably wondering what this lifechanging solution costs. The worth of implant supported bridges is tied in with multiple factors, including your existing dental health and any extra procedures you might need before, during, or after placement. Please remember that dental implants exemplify the longest-lasting and most genuine-looking tooth replacement option ever made. It’s equally important to keep in mind that leaving missing teeth without a replacement can put other healthy teeth, gums, and bones at risk.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve the confident, satisfying life that a full, healthy set of teeth can deliver. For this reason, we provide flexible financing options that can make your ideal smile work within your budget. Request details without delay! Insurance coverage for dental implants in Edgefield, SC varies by carrier. Contact your carrier for your plan benefits. To facilitate your treatment, we file all insurance claims on your behalf. We’ll work closely with you to make your ideal smile your real smile.

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