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Watch Ryan’s Story

Tailored and Transformative Treatment Plans

Are you hiding your smile instead of letting it shine? Tired of eating a soft-food diet? Suffering unending oral pain? If you’ve got many missing teeth or are completely toothless, you’ve had your share of physical and emotional consequences. Believe us when we say that we understand how tough it is to live life with a smile that constantly causes you pain and embarrassment. We’re here to help put a stop to your discomfort with full mouth solutions customized to fit your life and your smile goals—and within your financial means! We’ll tailor a treatment plan especially for you so you can enjoy striking results that genuinely redirect your life to better dental health and function, and greater overall self-confidence. Explore your options here, then arrange a consultation for full mouth dental implants in Edgefield, SC with our experienced team to determine which one is best for you.

Three Tooth Replacement Options

If full tooth replacement is what you need, we can offer you three quality options. The first is removable dentures, a time-tested solution that takes the place of missing teeth in either arch, or both. Dentures are a reputable choice if you wish to recover some function with a set of teeth that looks life-like. There are patients who find that option too different from real teeth and will choose implant supported dentures instead. This second option improves stability for biting and chewing using dentures that fasten to two or more dental implants. Patients generally experience substantial improvements in function, though the denture may still produce discomfort because the gums are supporting it. If you’re in search of an enduring solution that delivers the greatest number of long-term benefits to your health, function, and smile esthetics, we always propose full mouth dental implants in Edgefield, SC, our third and preferred option. These are the next best thing to a full set of functional, healthy teeth and are comprised of a realistic bridge of sturdy teeth secured to as few as four dental implants carefully and strategically positioned in your jawbone. Patients and dentists agree that full mouth dental implants are the preferred solution when you need most or all of your teeth replaced.

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Determining Your Tooth Replacement Solution

When choosing which tooth replacement type to opt for, there are without a doubt numerous variables to take into consideration. Given that it’s challenging to pick one based upon a small amount of information, we’re here to evaluate your health as well as discuss your specific requirements, smile objectives, and also financial resources to make sure that regardless of which method you select, your complete mouth transformation will provide exceptional value. We review all this information and also learn more about you and what you’re searching for in a brand-new smile through an individualized examination as well as an oral health analysis. If you feel that dentures are the most effective selection for your circumstances, the process is reasonably straightforward to begin. If you select a dental implant supported option, you can learn more about what to expect below or during your consultation.

Personalized Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

Phase 1: Consultation
The consultation is a crucial starting point to your treatment. During this face-to-face meeting we not only collect relevant medical and dental health data but also address your reservations, fears, and overall idea for your perfect smile and the satisfying new quality of life it can bring with it. The session includes a cone beam CT scan of your mouth, which gives us highly detailed 3D images of your jawbone and other oral structures. From these we can develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and budget.
Phase 2: Preparation
Our treatment plans are always crafted to your specific requirements, which in some cases may necessitate additional procedures to be completed or extra steps to be taken before your implant placement. Conditions including gum disease and bone loss must be treated first to ensure a successful procedure. When your oral health is restored and ready for surgery, you’ll visit our office again for the next step.
Phase 3: Surgery
During your next visit you’ll receive your full mouth dental implants in Edgefield, SC! We’ll surgically embed between four and eight dental implants in each of your arches. Our surgical protocols make for a productive and successful procedure; Bela Family Dentistry patients seldom need more than one implant placement surgery. Our team has completed extensive training in dental implant surgery, and we utilize some of the industry’s most advanced technologies and products to supply the best outcomes from your treatment. We’ll make sure you’re resting comfortably under one of our sedation options before precisely inserting implants in your jawbone. This generally takes only a few hours start to finish. Certain patients may meet the qualifications for our “immediate load” protocol, in which we provide a temporary bridge on the day of surgery. We’ll do our best to make this option available for you!
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How Much Will Your Full Mouth Restoration Cost?

Full mouth dental implants have many benefits and they also have a broad price range. While implant-retained bridges are set at a higher price point than dentures, their value should be evaluated based upon the long-term advantages you’ll gain. Dentures, though the most cost-effective price tier, don’t offer the same amount of stability and naturalistic beauty that implant-supported options do. Nor do they last much longer than five or 10 years without adjustments or replacements. Solutions such as full mouth dental implants, on the contrary, are built to last a lifetime with proper care, enhancing your smile esthetics, dental function, and self-confidence indefinitely. You’ll be able to smile with total self-assurance, partake of all the foods you can’t currently enjoy (anything hard, sticky or chewy), and provide your body with the health boost it needs to overcome those physical and emotional complications. If you’re uncertain about the price of full mouth implants, let’s talk. Our aim is to leave you with a new smile that can last for years to come and the confidence to enjoy an energetic, healthy, and socially fulfilling life. We’ll find a way to help you manage this transformative treatment!

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