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Comfortable, Removable, and Attractive New Teeth

When patients are missing all or most of their teeth, they suffer through daily challenges. Some patients have difficulty or pain when eating while others have lost confidence in themselves due to the appearance of their smile or facial shape. If this sounds like you, don’t worry—we can bring back the esthetics, function, and confidence you miss with our customized denture solutions that look and feel like natural teeth. With custom-fitted full and partial dentures in Edgefield, SC, you can feel like you have your old smile back again! Our team is experienced in modern denture treatments, using artistry and skill to create new teeth that complement your facial features and improve your ability to bite and chew properly. We strive to make sure that once your treatment is complete, others won’t notice your removable teeth, they will only see your smile!

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Why Choose Dentures or Partials

A More Lasting Solution with Dental Implants

If dentures or partials are in your future, or if you’re tired of wearing your current denture appliances, you’re most likely a candidate for a more stable, and long-term alternative. We offer implant supported dentures in Edgefield, SC and full mouth dental implants as long-term solutions to tooth loss. These options involve placing 2-6 implants into your jawbone before attaching a denture or bridge of teeth on top. Dental implants offer patients enhanced benefits, including giving your set of teeth mores lasting support, reinvigorating your jawbone with healthy bone growth stimulation, and retaining your facial structure in order to prevent premature aging. With dental implants, you’ll notice even greater function when biting and chewing compared to dentures and can smile, speak, or laugh without worry. Over time, traditional dentures will need to be adjusted or relined due to jawbone loss. Solutions that involve dental implants don’t, so you can enjoy a functional, cosmetically appealing smile for decades to come. Our team of professionals in Edgefield, SC can help you determine which solution fits best within your budget, situation, and smile goals during a consultation at our state-of-the-art office.

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