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TMJ Treatment - Columbia, SC

Relieve Jaw Pain, Restore Complete Function

Balance Leads to Function

Do you wake up with a sore jaw or headaches? Do you notice wear on your teeth, or do you already have shorter, worn-down teeth from grinding and clenching? Many patients who come into our Columbia, SC office experience pain in their jaw joints and facial muscles, migraines, and pain that can radiate down their neck, shoulders, and back. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, something’s out of balance.

Your jaw joints, muscles, and teeth must work in harmony to function properly. If they’re unbalanced, you’ll begin to notice the effects in other areas, too. This is why many patients who grind their teeth (bruxism) also have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder and vice versa. It’s also why you may have chipped or broken teeth without trauma. We can resolve this imbalance and prevent further harm from being done to your health by offering personalized TMJ treatment in Columbia, SC. These solutions often include occlusal adjustments, TMJ treatment, orthodontics, and oral appliances. Rebalancing your joints, muscles, and teeth back to harmony is what your smile and your health needs!

Signs of Imbalance

We Treat the Source, Not the Symptom

Before we begin your TMJ treatment plan, we’ll invite you in for a personalized consultation in our comfortable Columbia, SC office where we’ll get to know you and complete a complete dental health exam. In order to re-establish proper balance and health, it’s essential for us to determine the true source of your symptoms. We’re not interested in a temporary fix. Through comprehensive evaluations, diagnostic tools, and discussions with you, our dentists will use their expertise to provide treatment that offers long-term relief. Below are some of our treatment modalities.

Oral Appliances

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Have you noticed chipped or broken teeth without a direct cause? Bruxism could be harming your teeth while you sleep! An oral appliance can prevent the teeth from clenching and grinding together while you rest. These acrylic guards help your TM joints relax into a healthier position and can also reduce facial muscle strain, jaw pain, and morning headaches.

Occlusal Adjustment

Your bite is how your teeth fit together. If it’s misaligned, it can put a strain on your joints, muscles, and teeth. As your teeth search for resolution, it may lead to a habit of grinding or clenching which can lead to broken restorations and chipped teeth. By simply adjusting the surfaces of specific teeth, we can resolve this conflict and restore proper occlusion. Don’t make your facial muscles and joints overwork themselves to find stability, guide them to a balanced smile with an occlusal adjustment.

Orthodontic Treatment

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Sometimes the only way to realign your bite is through orthodontic treatment. Severely misaligned teeth can cause bruxism and TMJ pain that an occlusal adjustment can’t fix. We use Invisalign® orthodontics to realign the bite and resolve jaw pain and bruxism, while also improving your smile esthetics and overall oral health.

Rebalance Your Smile.

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