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Soft Tissue Treatments - Columbia, SC

Gum Health Matters

Treating Soft Tissues for Health and Esthetics

Did you know that your gum health can affect the balance of your smile, the stability of your teeth, and even your overall systemic health? Having excess gum tissue, or a “gummy” smile, may seem like a cosmetic concern, but it can also increase your risk for gingivitis and tooth decay. Untreated gum disease can cause chronic inflammation from spreading throughout your mouth, and even throughout your body, leading to systemic health conditions like heart disease. We take pride in examining your gum health at every appointment to ensure we catch and treat early signs of gum recession, gum disease, and other soft tissue concerns before they progress and cause long-term damage. If we discover you do require soft tissue treatments, we offer comprehensive care including soft tissue recontouring and gingivectomies in Columbia, SC using state-of-the-art technology. With vast experience in periodontics, we focus on your functional health first before perfecting the esthetics of your smile. After our periodontal treatments, you can expect a functional, balanced, and healthy smile for life!

What to Expect from Periodontal Care

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Custom Periodontal Services

Gum Grafting
Receding gums can progress slowly. Eventually, though, you’ll notice your teeth look elongated and they may even become sensitive. We take tissue from a donor source or the roof of your mouth and reposition it over exposed tooth roots. Gum grafting treatment restores the tooth roots’ protection and improves the balance and esthetics of the smile.
Children and adults can both suffer from tongue-ties and lip-ties. If untreated, they can limit the ability to eat, swallow, and speak properly. During a frenectomy, we gently release the tissue (frenulum) that either limits the tongue’s movement or restricts the lip to restore proper function.
Soft Tissue Recontouring
A “gummy” smile occurs when there is excess tissue covering the tooth. We precisely remove gum tissue that hides the tooth crowns and create a more esthetic and symmetrical look. By removing this excess tissue, we can also decrease your risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.
We treat gum disease with a variety of services including a gingivectomy. We start by surgically removing infected gum tissue. Next, we clean the periodontal pockets removing disease-causing bacteria. Finally, we ensure the treatment site is sealed to prevent infection and offer a balanced gumline.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Bone tissue and soft tissue heal at different speeds. We place a membrane made of collagen to separate the two after treatment and ensure each heal properly without interference from the other.

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