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Multiple Missing Teeth - Columbia, SC

Restore Permanent, Natural-Looking Teeth

There is an Alternative to Dentures

If multiple missing teeth are holding you back from living a healthy and confident life, we have a permanent solution for you! Dental implants are the long-lasting and natural-looking alternative to removable partial dentures and dental bridges. In fact, they look so real, you won’t be able to distinguish them from your existing teeth once they’re in place and restored with a life-like, durable dental implant bridge! These fixed teeth are strong and esthetic, providing you with natural function, a beautiful smile, and best of all confidence in teeth that won’t slip or fall out! Our skilled dentists at Bela Family Dentistry of Sandhills have advanced training and experience in dental implants and can restore your health and confidence with dental implant bridges! Through our personalized treatment process, we’ll provide you with dental implants in Columbia, SC that give you gorgeous new teeth and a reason to smile again!

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Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

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The Smile Restoration Process

Consultation and Planning
Our dental implants treatment begins with a personalized consultation with our team. We’re excited to show you the permanent benefits of a dental implant bridge and want to ensure this restoration looks and functions exactly how you want. We’ll ask you questions that help us pinpoint why you dislike your smile and what you want to be changed. This helps us personalize your treatment plan and give you the best esthetic and functional outcome. Then we’ll complete a comprehensive evaluation, including dental and medical history. Next, with our cone beam CT technology, we’ll take 3D images of your mouth that we’ll use to digitally plan your surgery. Images we take can also help us design your new dental implant bridge and help us determine if you’ll need additional procedures like bone grafting or tooth extractions. All the information we gather from these initial appointments we use to plan a treatment that fits precisely within your functional needs and smile goals.
Dental Implant Surgery
On the day of your implant surgery, we’ll get you comfortably settled in our calming treatment suite. Our Columbia, SC office is equipped to offer sedation, too, if you need assistance relaxing at your appointment. With the proper level of pain control and calming anesthesia, you won’t feel any discomfort as we surgically place your dental implants into your jawbone or complete other procedures to remove failing teeth or replace bone. We only place dental implants from industry-leading brands like Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons®, and Straumann® to ensure the highest quality materials and the greatest level of success. In many cases, our advanced surgical protocols result in sufficient primary implant stability that allows us to attach a temporary bridge the day of your surgery! This dental implant bridge will look attractive and be strong enough to function as your dental implants heal.
Healing and Final Restoration
The healing phase of your dental implant treatment is where your bone fuses around the implant post. This is what provides the permanent stability for your new teeth and what keeps your jawbone healthy long-term. When this healing is complete, you’ll come back to our Sandhills area office to receive your final bridge of teeth. This bridge is personalized to fit your mouth and will attach securely to the dental implants, returning full dental function and esthetics. Once you’ve finalized how it looks and feels, we’ll permanently fix this bridge to your implants. You’ll have a complete and beautiful smile again!
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New Teeth, Even on a Budget

Dental implant bridges are a great long-term investment to make in your smile, especially if you have multiple missing teeth. Along with restoring your dental function, they’ll also improve the natural esthetics of your smile and your confidence! If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your missing teeth, don’t pick removable partial dentures or dental bridges—choose long-lasting dental implant bridges. If the cost of your new smile is a concern, we’re here to help ensure that you can get new teeth, even on a budget. We’ll work with your insurance company to file claims on your behalf and partner with third-party financing to help you afford treatment. We’ll help you achieve a smile you’ll be proud to show to off!

Restore a complete, natural smile.

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