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We’ve always had a family focus at Bela Family Dentistry of Sandhills and are proud to offer a full array of dental services for the youngest smiles to the oldest. You can meet all your dental care needs with us, from routine dental cleanings to custom cosmetic services and dental implant solutions. We’ll make you feel comfortable right away in our homey and welcoming practice, where you’ll get to meet our dentists and team and even tour our office. To provide you with the most personalized and satisfactory care, we’ll get to know you on a more personal level so we can understand your insecurities and goals as they pertain to your smile. Don’t feel embarrassed or anxious if you haven’t visited the dentist in a while. A visit to our dentist in Columbia, SC can help you achieve a healthy smile you’ll love through personalized care that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Schedule your first appointment today!

Our Comprehensive Dental Services

Dental Exams
Don’t let decay, pain, or disease affect the health or esthetics of your smile. Our comprehensive dental exams in Columbia include checking for cavities, teeth grinding and clenching, and soft tissue abnormalities.
Keep your teeth healthy and strong while fending off disease and cavities with twice-yearly dental cleanings. We’ll clear away plaque buildup and polish your teeth, then check for periodontal issues.
Keep cavities from harming the structure of your teeth. We’ll apply fluoride to the surface of your teeth, remineralizing the enamel to strengthen your tooth surface.
Keep cavities at bay on both baby and adult teeth with dental sealants. We’ll paint the chewing surfaces of molars with a plastic coating that keeps bacteria from collecting in the natural grooves of the molars.
Crowns and Bridges
Whether you’re in need of restoring a broken or worn tooth or a completely missing tooth, we custom craft each crown and bridge to ensure they create a seamless smile and they offer reliable support for years to come.
In order to effectively treat a cavity, you will need a filling. We use composite material to ensure your filling blends with your natural tooth and the rest of your smile.
Using tooth-colored resin material, bonding can reshape teeth, realign their edges and even correct imperfections in order to restore the integrity and aesthetics of your teeth.
TMJ Treatment
Treat the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, including jaw pain, grinding and clenching, and headaches. We’ll pinpoint the main cause of your pain, then provide custom treatment with mouthguards or orthodontics to restore comfort.
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep better at night, feel more energized during the day, and reduce your risk for health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Once you’re diagnosed, we’ll follow the six-step treatment protocol from Spear® Education and custom-make mouthguards to treat your disorder.

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